“Not all content is for you”: Netflix’s strategy that is transforming the entertainment industry

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“Not all content is for you”: Netflix’s strategy that is transforming the entertainment industry

While it is true that Netflix was not the first video on demand service via digital platforms, it is also true that since it broke in, the landscape of content consumption has changed radically . But, as it has grown and attracted competition, it has also raised doubts by a large amount of content that saturates the screens that many times people do not see. In fact, a recent report from the Wall Street firm Cowen & Co. indicates that Netflix added Russia Mobile Database around 676 hours of original programming, this only during the third quarter of 2018 , more than double the amount released during the same period, but last year (289 hours). Even, according to the data, it incorporated up to 50 percent more than during the second quarter of this year, when it was 452 hours. One thing is certain, it is difficult for an average user to see each and every one of these hours of new content. It would be crazy, Fast Company did the calculation and a person would have to watch Netflix for almost a month to achieve it . Russia Mobile Database

We know that series like Game of Thrones (HBO), The Big Bang Theory (CBS / Warner Bros.) or Stranger Things (Netflix) tend to arouse addiction or the famous binge-watching and make fans spend hours -many- to see a season or more of these productions. But the truth is that the large amount of content that Netflix adds to its platform every month is not to the liking of all users. The answer is that: of course the Los Gatos, California company knows it. We tend to think that production companies, television channels, and now streaming platforms should serve us in a personalized way, but we forget that there are millions of viewers who do not necessarily share our tastes. Basically this is Netflix’s answer to why it is saturating the platform with so much content that we often hate for appearing as an option to watch. Netflix’s content director himself, Ted Sarandos has a consistent explanation (we must say). During his participation in the Vanity Fair New Establishment summit , held this week, the executive was questioned about the more than more than 700 original projects and the budget of 8 billion dollars for them by the company.

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Sarandos’ response explained, “The notion that things get lost on Netflix is ​​silly,” he said, but added, “Things are found on Netflix. People say, ‘You have a lot to do.’ Yes, but it is not everything for you ”. Strong but forceful words . And, is that the reality is that the firm is resigned by competition and a relative saturation of the market. During the second quarter of 2018, it reported just an increase of 5.2 million new subscribers (one million less than the forecasts). The response from analysts is that the market is tightening, a lot has to Brother Cell Phone List do with the growth of options such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and a large number of options in various countries. Even greats like Warner Bros. will have two two platforms (DC Universe and another that will include HBO), or Disney (ESPN + and another with Marvel and Star Wars). So, Sarandos talked a lot about international markets – he referred to Latin America several times – and this has an important reason why content saturation. Of the 5.2 million new subscribers, more than 4 million came from outside the United States, therefore, a large part of its budget and projects is going to other markets -such as Mexico, Spain or South Korea-.

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