SEO Netherlands Mobile Number basics What is content pruning?

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SEO Netherlands Mobile Number basics What is content pruning?

If you own a website or a blog, you probably often think about what new content to create. But did you know it’s also essential to focus on your existing content? Having many low-performing posts or pages on your website is not a good look for your business or Google. Did you know that outdated, very similar, or thin content can drag your site down in the search results? A practice called content pruning can help you prevent this from happening. Let’s take a look at what it is!

Do you know a little about gardening? Content pruning is the same principle as trimming a hedge. Netherlands Mobile Number You cut away the dead and dry pieces so the healthy branches have room to grow. The same goes for your content!

What is content pruning?


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Content pruning is a form of content maintenance on your website. It focuses on the content that isn’t performing well. This could mean low traffic or low conversion pages, pages with thin or duplicate content, or posts that are not relevant anymore. Content pruning aims to get rid of those pages and to (try to) only show your users up-to-date, rich, relevant content. It also has an added benefit: Google likes fresh, unique, high-quality content. So pruning your content is a best practice for SEO.

Why should you prune your content?

Content pruning means cutting away low-traffic content, so your other content has more room to shine. You will improve the quality of your content and your website, which could improve your rankings. But there’s more:

  • Most importantly, having high-quality content on your website will also improve your users’ experience when they browse your site. You don’t want them to land on pages about services or products you don’t offer any more or outdated business information.
  • Even old content gets crawled super frequently by search engines and other bots. This costs money and energy resources: things you don’t want to waste! So please help them by removing those pages that aren’t worth the crawl.
  • It will help prevent content cannibalization: if you’ve been writing for a long time, you’re bound to have created content similar to Netherlands Mobile Number what you’ve written before. If you have many similar articles on a particular topic, Google might find it hard to determine which of your articles to rank for that topic. This could lead to overall lower rankings for that term.
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