Marketing in a Polarized Nation: the Challenges of Companies in the United

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Marketing in a Polarized Nation: the Challenges of Companies in the United

The deep polarization of American society is one of the concerns of the brands that operate in the country. To help companies with the challenge of communicating effectively in the United States, WARC has launched the bi-monthly Spotlight US series. Its first installment, under the name «Marketing in a polarized nation» reflects on how brands can chart their path in a context marked by disruption. In this guide, WARC highlights that most Americans are actually moderate, and what many consumers continue to seek is trust, truth, and sanctuary in brands . Therefore,”This quote from the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan came back during the Trump years: ‘You’re entitled to your opinion.

You have no right to your own deeds.’ Much of the current polarization stems from the fact that the United States is currently a nation that cannot agree on its own facts. The challenge for brands is reaching customers with such varied beliefs and attitudes ,” says Cathy Taylor, US Commissioning Editor at WARC. “While there are no easy answers, a few themes have emerged from this first edition of our Spotlight US series, such as the Colombia WhatsApp Number List nature of influencers. As a growing share of Americans feel that corporations must use their influence to impact important issues, how brands respond to the current times will greatly influence where customers spend their hard-earned money, as well as in their ability to build and maintain trust,” he adds.

Marketing United States Polarization Spotlight

US Each issue of Spotlight US puts the spotlight on a relevant topic and includes comments, insights and advice from renowned industry professionals. In other words,”Marketing in a polarized nation” includes eight exclusive pieces with different investigations and points of view that we collect below: Interview with renowned political marketing strategist Mark Penn on why the United States is truly a moderate country. Kirsten Maryott , chief strategy officer at Wieden+Kennedy, explains why polarization is a good thing for brands. “Polarization, in politics and beyond, gives us groups of passion. When it’s clear what a brand stands for and what it stands against, things get interesting,” she says.

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“It’s Not Just Political: The Cross-Currents Hitting American Consumers” article by Victoria Sakal , CEO of Brand Intelligence. Shawn Francis , Creative Director of WeAreSocial NY. Addresses the role of influencers in his article “Polarization in the US is Driving. A New Wave of Authentic and Trusted Influencers.” Anita Schillhorn , Chief Strategy Officer for McKinney LA. Discusses what unites Americans in her article “After the Riots. However, How Brands Can Respond to an Ever-Changing American Political Climate.” J. Walker Smith. Kantar’s Chief Knowledge Officer, discusses consumer tension around disruption in “US Consumers Voted Stability Over Disruption. That Has Implications for Brands.” Avin Narasimhan, director of US communications planning at PHD. Explains why “brands need values, not politics.” Cathy Taylor details. The key themes of the report and why they create a path forward for brands.

However, He Assures That Interesting Attempts Are Being Made

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