Ma Honeycomb Ecological Analysis (Part 2): Platform Skeleton – Content Deliverer

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Ma Honeycomb Ecological Analysis (Part 2): Platform Skeleton – Content Deliverer

The relationship between the content Sweden Phone Number transmitter and the platform is similar to the relationship between the skeleton and the human body. The content transmitter is the link connecting the dots in the complex network built by the platform. How to build a connection and how to strengthen the connection is the wisdom contained in the behavior of the content transmitter, and this will also become the supporting force for the platform to have a stronger stability.

Content conveys meaning

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The generalized interpretation of analogy information exchange, the generalized information transmission, refers to the content produced by the information producer, conveyed to the information receiver through a certain channel, and  then conveyed the feedback information to the information producer. The content delivery in the narrow sense does not include information feedback. The latter is the core of the analysis in this paper, that is, the content transmitter in the process of information transmission in the narrow sense.

Content Delivery Environment: Online vs Offline

In real life, information transmitters and information consumers often receive different information. This is because information is inevitably affected by noise in the process of communication, and specific influencing factors include but are not limited to an individual’s age. Gender, occupation, knowledge level and cognitive structure, etc.

However, in the community platform, the composition of content transmitters is more abundant. In addition to the active users in the mmunity, on the other hand. The platform relies on the rapid development of computer technology. And the content transmitters are more intelligent, such as the generation of recommendation algorithms. It abstracts travel notes and content consumers into multi-dimensional vectors composed of multiple fields. And transmits information to appropriate content consumers by calculating the similarity between vectors.

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