“It is time that new technology, together with strategy and creativity, allow us to make projects much more useful for business development”: José María Rull, President & CEO of DDB Spain.

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“It is time that new technology, together with strategy and creativity, allow us to make projects much more useful for business development”: José María Rull, President & CEO of DDB Spain.

Spain is recovering from a difficult economic situation, the effects of which on the marketing and advertising sector have been negative. However, at the moment, the perspectives are different, as José María Rull, President & CEO Botswana Email Lists  of DDB Spain, has pointed out, in conversation with Merca2.0: “after this divestment, we are going to say that we are in year 1 of the recovery and now we hope that people will bet again on the quality of work. ” Advertising investment shows signs of recovery Advertising investment grows 0.2 percent so far this year The increase in investment is closer and closer Rull, assures that the “important thing is that the investment in marketing be considered again as an investment, not an expense”, while stressing that, “the crisis has slowed down the technological development of the brands a bit. Therefore, investing in both brand and innovation will be the keys to recovery. ”

And more specifically, it explains that both this investment in brand and innovation will have a strong component of digital projects through which companies are given the possibility of “generating business through digital.” This, as President & CEO of DDB Spain assures, “will allow many brands to move their business more quickly, because they have digital business solutions”, and is that apart from investing in brands and ideas, ” agencies and advertisers, we have a common theme. We must re-create value ”. Given which, Rull considers that “the mobile world is going to be key in business and therefore these must be transformed using these possibilities offered by the different platforms” to which he adds that, “it is time that the new technology, together to strategy and creativity, allow us to do projects that are much more useful for business development. ”

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That is, to provide the consumer with useful and fast solutions that improve their life, such as applications, which provide users with multiple possibilities, from making purchases and accessing services to obtaining entertainment. That is why in Spain, “after this difficult time of divestment, comes a fascinating time of multiple possibilities to make campaigns or strategies more successful. And in this regard, clients and agencies have a challenge which is to accelerate what is called the use of technology at the service of the business ”, as Rull comments. And to adapt to the new challenges, Rull explains that “faced with this need for digital business development, we relaunched Tribal, which is called Tribal Worldwide in the world, our digital network. Based on digital business solutions, and not so much on communication ”since that aspect is carried out by DDB.

This is a complementary project, it is a commitment to innovation and while DDB is the ideas company, Tribal will be the company that creates technology applied to the business. A model that is already being applied in other countries with excellent results. Tribal in Spain has been relaunched together with Pepe Chamorro and Fernando Martínez-Corbalán, as Managing Partners of this company based on specialties, with experts in Digital Business Innovation, E-Commerce, Mobile, Conversion, Social Media, Search Marketing, Content Strategy, CRM, UX Design, On Site and other areas of digital marketing . As Rull explains, “it is not a traditional structure, centered on the model of the idea; it is more about doing a vertical deepening in different specialties that will be key to connecting and doing business with the consumer. “

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