What is a query and why is it important for the SEO positioning of your website?

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What is a query and why is it important for the SEO positioning of your website?

A query can help you better understand the interests of your target audience and improve the seo positioning of your website. However, many times we tend to confuse them with keywords -or keywords- or we are completely unaware of this term.

If this is your case, you are in the right place! In this article we are going to see the meaning of the term query in the field of seo and how you can rely on them to improve the organic positioning of your website. Let’s start with the most basic: its definition.

A query is a query made by a user in a search engine to obtain certain information. That is, what exact terms a user types in the search bar to make a query to the search engine.

Let’s see it with an example to understand it better. Imagine that a person wants to find a feed for puppy-age dogs on google. However, almost certainly the person would not type these exact words in the search engine.

What Is A Query In Seo?

On the contrary, it is very likely that he wrote «i think puppies dogs» or, failing that, «i think Georgia Phone Numbers puppies». Well, these words would make up a query -also known as a search query or search query-.

Therefore, in a query there may be misspellings or mismatches.

Georgia Phone Numbers

By the way: in english, query means query. Easy, right?
What is the difference between keywords and queries?
Although the terms “query” and “keyword” are often confused, the truth is that they do not have the same meaning.

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A keyword is a keyword. That is, an archetypal search term determined by specialists in organic positioning for which you want to position a page on the internet. The word that the user is supposed to look for in the search engine to access specific information.

However, queries are the terms that users use to perform those searches. Sometimes, they can coincide with the keywords defined by the seo team. However, at other times they do not have to be the same: they may contain spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc.

Over the years, google has been perfecting its algorithm to show relevant search results for the user, despite not having used the exact keyword.

What Types Of Queries Exist?

Beyond the terms used, we can distinguish three different types of queries based on the user’s search intention:

navigational: the user uses the search engine to easily access a specific web page . Some examples of navigational queries would be those searches that match the brand name: youtube, godaddy, nike, etc.
Informational: the user wants to find more information about a specific topic, either to resolve a specific question or to have more knowledge about the topic. For example, gaining youtube subscribers or best nike running shoes .
Transactional: those searches aimed at buying a product or service. Generally, the word “buy” is included in the query, followed by the product itself, and even the brand to which it belongs. For example, buy nike running shoes or cheap nike shoes.
The importance of the query in seo positioning
now you know what a query is and what types of queries exist depending on their intention. But why are they so relevant for seo?

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As we have anticipated, over the years search engines have been perfecting the algorithms on which they base the indexing of results for certain searches.

Currently, it is no longer necessary to include the exact terms to appear in the first results of google for certain searches: the algorithm now understands the user’s search intention.

In other words, it is capable of understanding different queries for the same keyword.

For this reason, knowing the queries that people make with a certain search intention and the terms they use for it is vital to improve seo positioning.

Including these queries in the contents is of great help to improve the positioning, both at the seo level and in sem campaigns, of the contents of a web page in the face of the different searches that a person can carry out for the same keyword .

Advantages of using queries in your content
many companies base their digital marketing strategy on increasing traffic to their website and, therefore, increasing the number of conversions.

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