Insights Two and Three: Recognize, Effectively Inspire, and Protect It.

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Insights Two and Three: Recognize, Effectively Inspire, and Protect It.

In the advertising and marketing industry, we  often mention two words ” insight ” (insight) and ” creative “, is a good idea a successful insight? How are insights gained? Recently, I was reading “The Heart of the Heart”, and the insight in the book is particularly profound.

The author is Phil Dusenbury, former chairman of BBDO North America, under his leadership, BBDO became a leader on Madison Street for a time. Get insight, how to recognize it, how to own it for the long haul.

Combining Phil’s insight story and my thinking, this issue will share with you the discussion on “Insight”.

1. Insights and creativity

If insights are “strategies,” creativity is “tactics.”

“In advertising, a good idea can lead to a great ad. But a good insight can lead to a thousand ideas and a thousand ads.”

Each insight can be condensed into a slogan that serves as a solution for consumers to repeat until it takes root.

Have you prepared a set of plan. When  the South Korea Mobile Number supplier’s product quality is repeatedly. Found to be non-compliant? To sum up, in guiding follow-up actions you need. To answer the following questions based. On the existing conclusions: what to start doing? What continue to do? Stop doing what? In this way, we can, to the greatest. Extent, take the destiny of our own business. Into our own hands. I definitely don’t deny that there must. Be places where we need to obey the destiny in this process.

These are all insights that can be explained in one sentence, not just an idea or an advertisement. From this insight, many ideas can be born.

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2. How to generate insights?


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“Insights and creativity don’t work that way,” Phil said. “But as your brain starts to sift through the material, sort through the information, and cut through the clutter, a vague insight may take shape.”

David Ogilvy also said: “If the subconscious mind keeps communicating, you will get a wonderful idea. However, your subconscious mind must have a sufficient amount of information.”

Adequate investigation, analysis and reflection are important foreshadowing of insights and strategies.

But insight doesn’t follow a precise rhythm, it doesn’t necessarily come at the right time in the process from the beginning of the investigation to the end of the execution, and the insight can appear at any point in the matrix. It is more the product of extensive investigation and accurate analysis.

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