Inclusive language in social networks (of brands)

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Inclusive language in social networks (of brands)

Inclusive language is a fairly simple resource that consists of substituting or transforming the sensitive words of excluding women, into others that include them, Users, users and users , Spelling and social media have never been best friends.  marriott aruba surf club email address , In recent years many people have joined the internet spelling guerrilla , pointing out each misplaced bov on Twitter; but the majority go on doing more or less what they want. And they do very well.

So if someone has left the internet in the last two years (we don’t blame them), it will probably not surprise them on their return that there are a lot of young people writing ‘chic @ s’, ‘friends’ or ‘workers’ . It will be one of those spelling fads, like INTEGRATED MAYORS, right? But the moment you see that people with gray hair and even well-known companies are talking this weird, you start to think that something is happening here.

⬆ Although he covers them, Raphael is one of those gentlemen with gray hair ⬆

What is this inclusive language?
Well yes, something happens here: these people / organizations are using inclusive language. They will say that well, that is also a progressive spelling fad, right? The reality is that inclusive language is a way of claiming gender equality through language , also including the female population in order not to make it invisible. It may be a fad, yes, but right now it is a trending topic in the online world.

It is a fairly simple resource to understand, identify and use. It consists of replacing or transforming the sensitive words of excluding women, into others that include them . This can be done in different ways, both in oral and written language:

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Substitution by an inclusive expression. Hello everyone -> Hello everyone
Duplication of the gender of the word. Hello everyone -> Hello everyone
Transformation with a symbol. Hello everyone -> Hello everyone / Hello everyone / Hello everyone
Is this possible to do?
Some of these forms are not correct in the eyes of the RAE , since “the generic use of masculine” is supposed to be sufficient to include both genders. People who defend the use of inclusive language defend that it is not enough, and consider this way of fighting for gender equality more important than the norms of an entity that, after all, does not own the Spanish language .

What are the brands painting here?
If there is something we can agree on, it is that society is changing a lot, and most companies are trying to adapt (as they can) to that transformation. In this new paradigm

Brands are moving from being aseptic and objective entities to clearly expressing their philosophy, their values , their actions and their contribution to social progress

Rodrigo Martín Brothers
In Spain in 2018, a world benchmark in terms of awareness of gender inequality, what brand does not have equality between the values ​​it defends? USA Business , In this interconnected world, in which companies are more exposed than ever, everything a brand does or says communicates its values . And that is why they should begin to ask about inclusive language: because what they do or do not do about it will determine the message they send to society.

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