Inbound Marketing tools to make your day to day easier

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Inbound Marketing tools to make your day to day easier

You are the best tool but with some of these they will save you a lot of time. And time is money. Here is a complete list of essential inbound marketing tools.  Canada Email Address , As you already know, Inbound Marketing consists of making the user find you instead of going to find him. It consists of content marketing, social networks, search engine optimization and any marketing technique that involves offering a clear and unique value to the user instead of pushing them to pay attention to us.

An inbound marketing strategy consists of different tactics within 4 phases of action: attraction, conversion, closure and prescription.

With these phases in mind, we propose different Inbound Marketing tools that will help in the inbound marketer’s day-to-day :

Inbound Marketing Tools
In inbound marketing we are interested in capturing only and exclusively adequate traffic. Thousands of visits will be of no use to us if they go back in the browser. And what do we mean by adequate traffic? Our ideal users, also known as buyer personas . Some tools that will help us on a day-to-day basis in attracting traffic are:

SemRush : with SemRush you can do the best keyword search for your strategy. : as they say themselves: the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. Essential to search keywords
BuzzSumo : One of the most practical tools to analyze your competition to know what content has worked best on social media and thus you will gain a competitive advantage when making content.
Onword : do you need to write without being disturbed? Onword is zero distractions when writing a text.
Portent’s Content Idea Generator : It is a viral title generator for content . Halfway between the joke and the useful tool, even if only in English it can be a useful source of fun and ideas.
Headline Analyzer : Do you know if your titles are good enough?
ahrefs : The off-page monitoring tool that has kicked off the veteran MOZ Open Site Explorer. More accurate data, faster, and with a daily update frequency.
Hubspot Blog Topic Generator : If we put 3 topics that we would like to write about, Hubspot gives us a little planning of how we should approach them. For those days when inspiration just doesn’t come.
Quicksprout : One of the best tools that exist for competitive analysis and internal analysis of a blog . What posts are the most successful? What content is the protagonist?
Buzzsumo : In line with the previous one but this time it focuses on content and shares.
Cognitive SEO : A tool with a 14-day trial that, among other things, allows us to divide our link profile between suspicious, unnatural and correct links. Great if you suspect you’ve been penalized.
Once you’ve attracted traffic, what are you doing to get their attention and capture leads? Contact information is gold and to get it from your users you need to give them something in return. That exchange comes in the form of content, ebooks, whitepapers, cheats, webinars, etc.

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Some tools that will help us in the day-to-day conversion are:

Lander : Generating landings pages quickly has never been easier.
Unbounce : Like the previous one but with more advanced features. If you want to curl the curl, this is the option.
GoToWebinar : if you want alternatives to Google Hangouts, GoToWebinar is perhaps one of the most widespread.
Canva : have no design idea? With Canva you can create digital content in different formats in a couple of clicks. You can make ebooks in a couple of clicks and with predesigned templates.
CRM, Email or marketing automation are the most effective techniques to get a sale closed. Efforts to generate content and attract traffic are useless if later you fail to generate results with them.

Some Inbound Marketing tools that will help us on a day-to-day basis in closing are: : tired of unsubscribing from emails? This tool allows you to unsubscribe from all the newsletters you are receiving from a single dashboard.
Insightly : A free CRM with hundreds of useful features for you to keep track of your clients and potential clients.
Sidekick : A free tool from Hubspot that lets you know when someone opens the emails you send, even when they click on the links. Great for all those campaigns with bloggers who don’t respond to you on time .
Streak : a CRM (among other things) in your inbox. A more than interesting alternative to Sidekick that allows you to know not only who reads your messages but also allows you to create hubs where you can save interesting information as well as other functions.
Having obtained a sale does not mean that you have to forget about your user. USA Business , Quite the contrary! The inbound marketing philosophy tries to provide remarkable content to our users, whether they are strangers, leads or even customers.

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