If You Are Organizing the Event,

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If You Are Organizing the Event,

You Can Create a Unique Hashtag to Communicate About This Event. for Example, You Can Analyze a Hashtag on Hashtagify.me: How to Organize a Fair or an Event . This Will Allow You to Create Buzz Upstream. But Also to Create a Feeling of Online Community Around an Event. Upstream, Do a Search on Twitter to Find Out If It Is Already Used or Not. Place the Hashtag Directly on the Event’s Website, on Your Slides, in Your Interventions, in Your Emailings… and Organize a Tweet Contest (With for Example a Draw at the End of the Morning,

Then of the Day ). If You Use the “Share on Twitter” Button on the Site, Use the Hashtag Directly in the Pre-Made Text. So When People Tweet, They Are Directly Promoting the Event on Twitter. You Can the Same with Instagram & Linkedin to Get People to Share Their Photos how to find address by phone number in pakistan from the Event. 20°) Make Pre-Events (Teasers) Online to Promote the Main Event How to Organize a Fair or an Event? 30 to Generate More Interest in Your Event, Do Live Teasers a Few Weeks Before the Main Event. You Can Do A: Facebook Live Youtube Live … or Simply Record Videos in “Hard” Mode Showing the Backstage, the Organization… Then You Can Publish Them on Linkedin,

Mode Invite Some of Your Speakers to Participate

in the Online Event , or More Simply, Ask Them to Film Themselves Announcing the Subject of Their Conference. You Can Make It Even Simpler, by Taking a Photo of the Speakers, Then Adding the Information About the Conference, and Then Tagging Them on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter… Here Is an Example with the Thomas Gasio Video Summit, with Custom Visuals Published 15 Days Before: How to Organize a Fair or an Event? 31 the Goal Is to Create Excitement and Provide a Glimpse of What Awaits Attendees at the Main Event. It Raises Anticipation. 21°)

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Buy Advertising on Social Networks How to Organize a Fair or an Event? 32 Buying Social Media Advertising Is Often Overlooked for Smaller Events. Yet Advertising Platforms Like Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and Twitter Ads Offer Very Simple Yet Effective Targeting Options. for Example, You Can Simply Sponsor a Status to Gain Visibility. You Can Work Harder to Reach Your Target Audience in Your Location Via Targeting by Interests, Positions, Etc. You Can Also Target Non-Openers of Your Promotional Emailing on Facebook Ads and Google Ads,

Retarget People Who Have Visited the Registration Page

Without Registering. the Good News Is That a Small Budget Is Enough and the Roi Can Be Easily Measured. 22°) Use Youtube to Promote Your Event How to Organize a Fair or an Event? 33 Youtube Is the Second Largest Search Engine in the World After Google (And the Second Social Network After Linkedin), So It Should Not Be Overlooked. the First Thing Is to Promote Past Editions of Your Event, or Similar Events to Build the Success of Your Future Events. for This, You Must Upload the Videos of Your Previous Events or Interviews with Your Speakers on Youtube

It’s a Great Way to Convince Potential Attendees to Attend or Reserve Their Seats. Video Provides Important Visual Cues, Which Have a Big Impact on the Decision-Making Process of Potential Customers. What It Is Advisable to Do Is to Make a Video During the Event by Interviewing the Participants in Order to Ask Them What They Think of This One. Failing That, Take Photos of the Previous Year’s Event, and Do a Quick Montage with Background Music on a Site Like Animoto.23°) Emergency Plan… What to Do When Things Go Wrong? How to Organize a Fair or an Event?

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