How to increase the CTR of your search results

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How to increase the CTR of your search results

The obsession to appear on the first page of Google has no limit, but what about the number of people who click on your search results? dubai taxi corporation email address , The CTR in the search results is a great forgotten in SEO, the obsession to appear among the first three in Google causes something as important to be neglected as if nobody clicks on our link it will give exactly the same in which position we are.

The fastest way to know if the CTR of a search result is correct (or expected) is to go to Google Search Console> Search Traffic> Search Analytics

CTR Google Webmaster Tools
In the CTR column you can easily see what the CTR your page has for a specific search term. If you choose the “pages” option, you will be able to see the CTR of each of the pages on your website that receives organic traffic.

There are many elements that influence the number of clicks that a search result can attract and it is really easy to make mistakes that ruin your CTR, a slight change in a title can shoot the CTR from 2% to 20%.

1. The Title tag
In addition to affecting SEO, the title tag greatly affects the CTR of a page and it is not easy to find the perfect balance between good SEO optimization and a good call to action.

The title tag is what usually appears at the top of a search result; And I say usually because Google usually modifies what appears in the search result to better adapt it to what the user has searched for:

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search result
What should have a good title?

Although the limit is 65 characters, it is advisable not to go to the limit, since the maximum length is not measured in characters, if not in pixels, and some letters occupy more than others. It would be advisable to use 45-50 characters to ensure that the title is not cut off
Include the main keywords of the pages in the title, since when a user does a search, the terms they have used are highlighted in bold
Use a good call to action, something that catches the user’s attention. A barren and neutral title will have less ability to attract attention.
Keywords should be to the left of the title, which is where the user’s gaze is first directed
2. The meta-description tag
At the SEO level, meta-descriptions (in theory) have no value or affect the positioning of a page , except for the detail that they affect the CTR and it has already been speculated on more than one occasion such as the CTR and the percentage of bounce is something that Google takes into account.

You should take the meta-description as an opportunity to convince your potential users that they should enter your website. In any case, Google also takes the liberty of not using the meta-description that you indicate, being able to show nothing or simply make use of a fragment of the text of your website.

What should a good meta description have?

As in everything, it must contain the keywords for which the page is optimized, in this way they are highlighted in bold if they match what the user has searched for
As in the title, there is also a limit, 160 characters. It is recommended that it be 150-155 characters so that there is no possibility of Google cutting it
It must contain a call to action, that is, if you have an ecommerce, make sure that there is information about, for example, free shipping costs or any promotion
It should not be something static, depending on the time of year one text or another will give more or less results
Do not use it as a «tool for SEO» passing yourself with the keyword stuffing, this will provoke two reactions: that it repels Google and users , USA Business
3. The URL
This is another of the points of the search results that you can modify so that they have a better presence in the eyes of the user. Through the breadcrumb data markers you can show the hierarchy that the web follows instead of the URL.

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