How to improve your brand on Instagram

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How to improve your brand on Instagram

Instagram grows by leaps and bounds every day, especially since Facebook bought it last 2012. If you still don’t trust this network that has incredible potential, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Instagram provides a spectacular segmentation towards your end customer,Chile Email Address ,  it makes them participate in the content and above all, it makes you reach the public in a different way: Entering them through their eyes .

Instagram already has 300 million active users per month, has multiplied by 15 the participation of users compared to Facebook, and by 40 compared to Twitter.

What’s the best way to maximize your efforts on Instagram?
Post regularly to keep your followers engaged.
The photographs are 26% more attractive than Instagram videos.
Photos in which a person appears perform 32% better than images in which no people appear.
Do not use more than 5 hashtags so as not to saturate the user with irrelevant information. Take a look at our post about tools to monitor a hashtag .
Using the Mayfair filter increases user participation by 2% compared to other filters.
The use of images of real people who make use of the product that you want to promote, increase participation by more than 30%.
What tools can we use to better manage our Instagram account?
Manage your Instagram account with Iconsquare , which allows you to see all information at a glance. It is an analytical tool that, in addition to analyzing results, adds features such as managing activity and participation with your community. Within the tool you can see the people who connect, comments, shares, delete and add new followers, etc. We can see the growth of followers and the participation of the content, as well as manage by seeing the most recent comments, etc.
Share content from your followers with tools such as Repost , an external application, which allows you to browse the content of your Instagram, and republish that content that interests you, giving prominence to the person who uploaded the image. You can like, comment or republish an image to share it among your users.
Schedule your content with Sked Social . It is actually the old Schedugram, but it will allow new features such as the ability to post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The prices are totally personalized depending on the accounts you want to register and the number of followers each one has.
See who follows you and who stops following you with platforms like Justunfollow that helps you manage your followers and see who follows you, which ones are most relevant, and who you are interested in following.
Analyze what your competition does with Twtrland , which searches for your competitor based on the keywords you use to track them. Once you have it identified, it provides you with the most complete general statistics where it analyzes the frequency of your competitor’s publication, the number of followers they have, how many followers they get per update, etc.
To find out which hashtags are used the most , use Stagram, which offers you a list of the 100 best hashtags used at each moment of the day.
If you are looking to make a collage of photos quickly, Instaframe helps you in the blink of an eye. With it, you can apply filters, and more than 70 frames so you can put your images.
If you are not an expert in photography but you like to take good photos , Camara + is a perfect ally, since it helps you make your photos better.
How to convert your users into potential customers?
Make them feel a need . If you launch a product on your Instagram account, emphasize that it is a unique product if it comes with a discount for a certain number of customers who are the first to buy the product.
Highlight new products . Whenever you have a launch, upload it, or its construction process to see the step by step how it is being designed. Surely you will have several users who are willing to see it and have it in their hands.
Make repost of your clients . Is there a customer who has uploaded a funny photo with your product? Repost him and make him see that he is important in your community. This simple gesture helps to retain the user and create a more direct link with him.
Offer them that moment of relaxation and disconnection with images of your products that evoke something and lead them to disconnect from their day to day.
Share, connect, and interact . Once you have uploaded your photos, add a link to your store, respond to comments and use hashtags, to get diffusion on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Not everything is the product. A brand is nobody without the team that creates it. This resource also builds the brand. Show your staff and share how what you do is created. This will give you more information about the experience of buying your items. USA Business ,
And always remember, that you are in the social network that you are, it is about dialoguing with your users , providing them with valuable content and that we have already passed the era in which the brand was the protagonist. Now th

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