How to Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics: A Guide for Dummies

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How to Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics: A Guide for Dummies

Google Analytics custom reports show exactly the information you need. Learn to do yours and make your life easier. dubai company email id list , Perhaps you have already done a personalized report. They may sound familiar to you but you have never worn it, and you are waiting to find a simple guide on how to do it without having to split your head , read a lot or see words with a lot of syllables. This is that guide .

What are Google Analytics custom reports
Google Analytics custom reports are templates that you can configure with panels with the information you want and ordered as you want, so that they give you information of a specific type.

That is, instead of getting into the default reports of traffic, keywords, content, conversion … you tell Google Analytics what metrics and dimensions it provides, if you want to add filters, and ultimately, you put the information you need in one place.

What are the Google Analytics custom reports for?
In the same way that the segments allow you to create complex filters that can be applied when you want with ease, the personalized reports give us the information that we have distributed throughout several standard Google Analytics reports -or that is not even filtered like that in any- in a single site .

This allows us to spend much less time analyzing accounts – it saves us clicks, it saves us mental effort, it saves us from ending up wandering without being very clear about what we are looking for. Let’s face it: the latter always happens to us.

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And if that wasn’t enough, personalized reports allow us to communicate and report to a client in a much more efficient way : you can create reports for their different information needs, you can create one that encompasses the most important data, export it to PDF , and send it as monthly report (which will save you AWESOME time if your client values ​​such a report). Then you would only have to add your conclusions in a separate file and you can be saving from 10 minutes to more than an hour on each report.

If this all sounds good to you, read on …

How to create custom reports in Google Analytics
First of all, we must differentiate between custom dashboards and custom reports.

In the reports you can modify dimensions, periods and other data in real time, however the panels allow you to display different graphs and information arranged in different ways on the same screen, but without interacting with it. Therefore, the personalized reports focus on seeing a specific aspect in depth, while the dashboards give you a vision of a greater number of aspects at a single glance, but without delving into them. Additionally, although you can download both in PDF, the reports also allow you to download the raw data.

Otherwise, the creation process is very similar.


To create a custom panel, you must select within customization, in the left menu: Panels> Create

We can create a blank canvas, USA Business  , start from an initial panel or import it from the Google Analytics gallery. If it is going to be your first panel, it is preferable that you do not face the blank panel and opt for an initial panel or import one.

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