Good Email Marketing Practices: Tips for Better Campaigns

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Good Email Marketing Practices: Tips for Better Campaigns

It is not easy to talk about good practices in a market as saturated as Email Marketing. We receive dozens of emails a day, how do we get to be seen by our users? Bangladesh Email List , Today I have a complicated task, the task of trying that this is not just another post about good email marketing practices .

First of all, let’s start by laying the foundations for which this post will be useful to you:

you know what email marketing is
do you know what a newsletter is for
you use a legit email marketing tool
you have already sent several campaigns
you have read our post about creating perfect campaigns
You have already read other similar posts and you have realized that most of them have the same
Perfect, if you fulfill the previous points, you are “meat” of this post. Go for it! Let’s start with the list of good practices that I have organized in 4 steps: avoid spam, openness, design and content.

4 good email marketing practices
Getting to the right tray: avoiding spam
The first step in any email marketing campaign that wants to achieve good results is to get to the inbox . If we are not capable of sneaking in there, of converting, let’s not even talk.

There are a series of practices that can make us avoid said tray or block our IP and we cannot send more emails from it.

One of the key points to avoid ending up on one of the IP blacklists is to keep our database clean . Scoring systems based on the reputation of the users (emails) of said list are usually used for this ( Lucas told it in this post ).

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For example, if your email list has many emails that do not exist (made up) or many users who never open your emails, your reputation will not be good.

Not to mention if you buy a postal database , whose open rates tend to tend to zero. In fact, the last case I saw of a database purchase ended in a 4% open and 0 orders. The database cost € 400 + VAT.

From here, we enter what would be the content to avoid the spam tray. It is essential to send messages with text , not just images. And do not overdo the weight of the images, since that can quickly send us to the spam tray .

Finally, it is very important to configure DNS records (DKIM and SPF). Here is a complete tutorial on how to do it .

Reach the user: openings
Here we will talk about the good practices that will make us get openings in the campaigns we send . The open rate is the gateway to achieving a good click-through rate.

It is very important to give cane to the subject of the mail where you must make very clear the offer or benefit that you are going to tell the user. When in doubt about what works best in your database, you can do A / B tests and see which issue gets the most openings.

Two tips here:
1. Be sure to clearly identify yourself , there is nothing more impersonal than a sender with an unidentified or unattractive name.

2. Segmentation is key . We are not all the same and it is important to create user groups with similar affinities, such as people who buy groups of similar products in our online store.

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If we have a pet store, we can segment by those with dogs, cats and birds. It seems a lie, but there are companies that keep sending me offers of cats when I have been buying dog food for 1 year and they know that I only have one dog.

I will always remember that email with personalized offers that Ulabox sent me right after buying one of my son’s first packs of diapers. That is segmenting and personalizing. And it worked.

Tips on the design of your emails
There really is no guide to how to design an email for it to be successful. I wish I know. But each user is different and each one likes different things . What is clear is that this design has to adapt to the mail receiving device (the famous Responsive ), something that is becoming more and more important every day in a world dominated by mobiles.

An important point that is often overlooked is not to include the relevant text of the email as an image . How many emails have you received with a short text because it is embedded in an image? It’s not just that it can’t be read, it’s that it generates rejection!

Another point that is often overlooked is the identification and contact information , in addition to the unsubscribe link. For me it is an essential point: to easily know who is sending me this, why and how to reach them. USA Business , That text of “we sent you this newsletter because you signed up in our database” or “because you bought in our store” can save us more than one scare. And more knowing that now Gmail makes it very easy for us to say “look, this email I think is spam”, even if it is not.

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