Fatty liver is a condition in which excess fat accumulates in the liver cells. This fat buildup can lead to inflammation and, over time. Fatty liver: these Liver damage. Fatty liver can be classifie into two types: nonalcoholic fatty liver, which is not relate to alcohol consumption. And alcoholic fatty liver. Which is relate to excessive alcohol consumption. Importance of following a proper diet in case of fatty liver diet plays a fundamental role in liver health. Especially in the case of fatty liver. Eating a balance, healthy diet can help reduce fat accumulation in the liver, reduce inflammation. And prevent liver damage. In this sense. It is important to know which foods can worsen the condition of  and which ones should be avoide in the diet.

It is advisable to reduce your intake

Foods that you should reject in case of fatty liver adde sugars foods and drinks that contain high amounts of adde sugars. Such as Israel WhatsApp Number Data soda, desserts, candy, and processe foods. Can make  worse. Excessive consumption of sugars can cause insulin resistance. these Which in turn can increase fat accumulation in the liver. To reduce the risk of worsening  condition. It is important to limit the intake of added sugars in the diet. Saturate fats saturate fats. Found in foods such as butter. Red meat, and full-fat dairy products. Can also contribute to the development and worsening of . Saturate fats can increase blood cholesterol levels and promote fat accumulation in the liver. For this reason. of saturated fats and opt for healthy fat sources. Such as monounsaturate and polyunsaturate fatty acids.

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Excessive alcohol consumption can be especially harmful

You may also be intereste in reading 25 hairstyles for long hair: easy, beautiful and elegant alcohol in the case of alcoholic fatty Cameroon WhatsApp Number List . Alcohol is toxic to the liver and can cause liver damage. Inflammation and fibrosis. To protect liver health. It is essential to reduce or completely eliminate alcohol consumption in the case of. Processe and fried foods processe and frie foods often contain high amounts of saturate fat, adde sugars. Salt and artificial additives that can be harmful to liver health. These foods can contribute to the accumulation of fat in the liver and increase the risk of developing liver disease. It is advisable to limit your intake of processe and fried foods and opt for healthier and more natural options. Foods rich in sodium excessive sodium consumption can increase fluid retention in the body and cause bloating. Which can put more pressure on the liver.