Entertainment Vs. Utility: Two Concepts That Brands Need to Add to Their

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Entertainment Vs. Utility: Two Concepts That Brands Need to Add to Their

If we look back, we see how traditional advertising has been by promoting the products or services of an entity through the resources that it had on its own functionalities. Later on, that product vision was to the customer, who was at the center of all action . And although today marketing actions are too Customer-Centric, the truth is that the situation has. With an increasingly demanding customer, and with much more advertising noise and entertainment on offer, we are forced to use the various scenarios and a wide variety of devices with which we can connect with our consumer. Streaming series, specialized podcasts, training platforms or applications for unique purposes. All these innovations are related through two key concepts, which should already be part of the brand’s DNA if it wants to transcend the limits of traditional advertising: entertainment and utility.

This is precisely what we talked about in an online event organized by the Tangoº agency in collaboration with. The meeting consisted of a brief presentation by Fernando de Vicente , Director of strategic projects at Agencia Tangoº, who later took part in a round table moderated by Javier Piedrahita, CEO & Founder, in which Virginia how many digits are in a vietnam phone number also participated . head of advertising for EVO Banco; Álvaro Bordas , communication director and head of the Pascual Presidency cabinet; María Benedicto , Digital Brand Manager at Hero; Rodrigo González , Head ad Sales at Spotify. If you don’t see the embedded video correctly, click here . De Vicente the issues to be through the vision of his agency, which knows the for social utility of brands, beyond their functionalities.

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Without Real Change

There is no impact, and this is what makes us rethink what is the best way to reach consumers ”, he explains while adding the mission of inspiring brands to dare to change to grow from the agency . Tango’s presentation continues with a brief explanation that the branded content part is the natural evolution of what advertising is. On the other hand, Brand Utility solutions are closer to the moment of purchase , so they focus on solving certain barriers or consumer frustrations. Utility, the aspiration of any brand strategy De Vicente concludes by throwing into the air a question that prompts brands to reflect: “ What else can I do for my consumer?

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A question that welcomes the brands participating in this round table that Hero is in charge of opening with the theme of the Customer Journey: “ The Customer Journey can be our beacon, but I would add the buyer person, not only at a sociodemographic level, but also at an ecological level ”. Something that Evo Banco is also to, although adding the concept of Customer Relationship: “The consumer is by so much advertising, you have to offer him more and present yourself as a problem solver”. For its part, in Spotify they point towards personalization, something adaptable to users to generate trust in both directions. While Pascual’s representative focuses on the ability to generate trust. But segmenting the young audience, because ” you cannot lose yourself in an audience that is older. But maintain the confidence brought from behind .”

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In Addition, Bordas Also Divides Between

The passive moment and the loyalty moment. Where branded content plays a fundamental role in brand awareness and perception over time. Once the theme was, those present went on to talk about one of the key concepts that Tangoº takes. In fact, de Vicente explains that this concept has to be to the heart of your business. For his part, Bordas bets more on coherence in order to be credible. “ If we start supporting Indian cinema, we would not be coherent and, therefore, we would cease to be credible ”. García transfers to the debate the terms of simplicity and value, beyond transparency, so important in a business. “ The client has to feel identified with your values, that is where he is going to support you. As a company, you have to believe it ”, he explains.

Meanwhile, Benedicto prefers to talk about personalization, a tool that will make the brand content we generate have added value. In addition, he adds that ” profitability is important ” and demonstrates it through a success story of his own company. “We had a pregnancy tracking app and our two lessons learned with this action were to put. The consumer at the center and seek profitability , since with the data it provided us. We could decide what content to make and at what time”. A case thatfrom Tangoº they define the success of the Brand Utility, rather than the content itself. Evo Banco has also launched to tell its success story and does so through its promise of 0 commissions.

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