Does CMOS have a branding problem? Its position has very little

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Does CMOS have a branding problem? Its position has very little

The position of the CMO, whose relevance has had to deal with quite a few setbacks in recent times, has withstood the onslaught of the crisis resulting from COVID-19 surprisingly well. According to a recent study by consulting firm Clear, more than half of marketing directors say their influence has spread its wings in recent months. And only 5% of CMOs confess that they have seen their corporate influence diminish. Nonetheless, marketing directors would do well not to rest on their laurels, especially when in their day they have to contend with the (increasingly pronounced) tension between the long-term goals they insist on supporting and the short-term that other colleagues at. internal of the same business application.

The short term imposed by other departments is forcing CMOs to necessarily relegate the absolutely crucial struggle for talent to the shift of marketing to data and technology. In any case, and leaving aside the corrosive brief that often poisons the strategies of marketing directors, the truth is that 89% pride themselves on having some control and influence Argentina WhatsApp Number List defining the business objectives of the company to which they provide their services. . And not a few CMOs, in fact, work side by side with CEOs when it comes to setting business goals (where data-based marketing today is absolutely paramount).

Less Than 20% of Senior Marketers Aspire

To always fill a CMO position CMOs direct access to CEOs ensures that their goals are somehow aligned with those of the organization as a whole and stifles the flames of any premature “burnout” syndrome. In any case, when it comes to communicating with the C-Suite, the communication managers must show absolutely excellent communication skills. There’s no point in swearing and swearing that the brand is stronger than ever when the numbers say otherwise. CMOs must use the same language as the C-Suite to assert their influence in this area. CMOs are however more confident than other managers in their position.

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Only 53% of non-marketing C-Suite managers (e.g., chief customer officer and chief experience officer) believe their strategy is perfectly defined. On the other hand, and despite the fact that the data challenge. Necessarily forces CMOs to keep their eyes and ears open to recruiting. The best talent around them, only 14% believe it is a priority to attract and retain talent in these moments. In addition to this, another problem is added: the many deficits. From the branding point of view of the CMO position. In fact, less than 20% of senior marketers aspire to scale the corporate ladder to eventually. Take on the role of CMO (which therefore doesn’t seem attractive enough within their department).

Perhaps to Give More “Sex Appeal” to Cmo’s Position

it would be necessary to somehow alleviate its many burdens. Not in vain, 60% of CEOs believe marketing directors need to have third-party support to shape the “customer experience”. In the eyes of CEOs, CMOs should also receive reinforcements in the area of ​​market research and advertising. Whether or not this is enough to add a more attractive patina to this position remains to be seen. Marketers are no longer in control of the 4 Ps of marketing In short. Most marketing departments today have no power over the point of sale. Which is ultimately by the sales department so. That products are as accessible as possible up to the customer end.

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