Create a Specification of the Mockups

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Create a Specification of the Mockups

Of Your Product Mockup Upstream of Your Prototype Is the Project Document. The Project Document Summarizes Your Idea, the Market, Your Concept… This Is a Document in Which You Will Mention What You Will Need to Get Started, and Where You Can Write Down Your Ideas in Black and White. This Will Evolve as You Gain More Market Information or as Your Business Begins to Grow.

It Is Also Essential to Write a Business Plan (Even Minimal), a Simple File on Google Sheets Should Suffice at the Start. You Can Also Use in como buscar un numero telefonico en venezuela Canva Which Allows You to Gather Your Business Model in 1 Image: 13 Steps to Launch a Start-Up Quickly on a Small Budget 22 This Tool Is Excellent for Having a Synthetic Vision of Your Idea. However, After a Certain Period When You Would Like to Obtain a Loan, Financing.

It Is Also Essential To

You Can Update This Plan and Make It Even More Detailed by Adding More Information Such As: Sales / Purchases, Marketing Plan, Resources You Will Need Etc. This Will Save You Time and Energy for What Follows. the Third Essential Document Is Your Specifications. It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Want to Outsource the Creation of Your Product (Website, Software or Mobile Application) or Develop It In-House, You Must Create a Specification That Presents Your Product, Beyond the Simple Concept of 10 Lines. It Should Contain Several Elements:

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All the Pages/screens of Your Site, Software or Application If You Can Draw the Screens, the Interfaces… It Will Allow You to Clearly Detail Your Project, and What You Expect. Note: Often We Focus on the “Customer” Part, Forgetting the “Administrator” Part (The Technical Part of Your Site, App, Etc.). Generally You Will Not Be Competent Enough to Make the Technical and Architectural Choices… So Explain Why You Are Making This Choice, Which Will Allow the Technicians to Make the Right Choices.

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Often We Focus On The “customer

Very Exhaustive Details of Each Page (Menu, Text, Location of Images, Videos, Etc.). You Should Assume That Everyone Should Be Able to Understand This Document. for Example, If in Your Menu You Have a “Sign Up” Button, You Will Have to Write Something Like This: “At the Top Right, Insert a Horizontal Brown Button with Rounded Corners. on This Button, Enter the Text ‘Register’ in Blue.  See the Details of the Operation of the ‘Registration’

Page in Chapter 3.1 of This Document. and You Must Do the Same for Each Element of Your Page: What Happens When You Click on a Link, Does the Color of the Link Change? What Happens When an Internet User Scrolls Down the Page, Should the Menu Bar Remain Frozen or Also Be Scrolled ? … Note: Ideally, You Should List the Functions by Priority, and Above All Not Define Everything as a Priority… Indeed If Everything Is a Priority,

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