Coronavirus and social media: our tips to adapt your social media strategy

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Coronavirus and social media: our tips to adapt your social media strategy

You know, with the social distancing measures during the coronavirus crisis, human contact has become something forbidden. And perhaps it  希腊电话号码表 is for this reason that activity on social networks has increased in recent days, whether to communicate with our loved ones, inform ourselves and share memes or messages of encouragement and prevention.Perhaps it is not necessary to repeat it, but in the “social networks” they have been thought to allow us to be in contact with our relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.But, for a brand, an organization or an institution? Taking the floor at this time may seem useless … what can we tell? How to do it without putting our reputation at risk?The decisions that our governments have taken in recent weeks already have repercussions on the activities of our companies and jobs. The availability of our services and products may actually be affected. However, we must not break ties with our customers, employees, affiliates. We must take responsibility for informing, reassuring, connecting or even making a smile.


In this publication, we have tried to list some tips to allow you to maintain a coherent communication with the news without falling into bad practices. We will also share some resources that will inspire you to overcome this coronavirus crisis.Pay attention to the content you have scheduled before the coronavirus crisis.Perhaps you had scheduled some posts or announcements about an event that has already been canceled or about a seasonal promotion, have you made sure that this will no longer be published?A canceled pop festival informing that even if the mail sequences of a ticket seller are still active there will no longer be a festival.Although of course it is very tempting to be one of the first to spread the latest news, you should not lose sight of the fact that this situation evolves quite quickly and that it is better not to trust sources that are not entirely reliable.Some posts or comments can become outdated in just minutes, perhaps when you post something based on this content it is not even current.

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Have you seen the video of hundreds of people trying to get into an Aldi in Germany? Those are fake news!
However, the video quickly went viral on social media.Are you not a doctor or an economist? Do something useful!
This crisis has had a major impact on the lives of each of us, on a personal and professional level. In the case of a health crisis, talking about health and 美国商业 prevention are essential, but this is something that only concerns professionals (doctors, epidemiologists, economists, politicians, etc.). Whatever happens, avoid giving your opinion on topics that you do not know in depth as you may run the risk of becoming a source of misinformation.The best thing at this time is to focus on responding to the information needs of your employees, clients or prospects. You can for example:Inform about the opening hours in your company and the means in which you can attend them. Report the measures you have taken to protect your staff and your customers.Report if your service or product is available online.Communicate the availability of your work team.

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