USA BU Uncategorized Colombia has one of the most dangerous mafias in the world. Already have

Colombia has one of the most dangerous mafias in the world. Already have

One of the dangerous mafia gangs that will put colombia on the map in recent years, colombia has been known as one of the countries with the most mafia and criminal groups. One of the world’s most dangerous organizations, which originated in the south american country, has been in the public spotlight as its criminal activities stoke fear among civilians and pose a challenge to authorities. This is the mafia known as the n, a criminal organization that has been operating in colombia and other countries in the region, carrying out drug trafficking, extortion, murder and kidnapping. Known for its brutality and violence, los urabenos has become one of the most feared mafias in the world.

Criminal activities the urabeno family is mainly engaged

Which is a global one of the major exporters of cocaine. The organization controls drug trafficking routes in colombia and other countries in the region, using its military power and network of contacts to move large quantities of drugs to international markets. You may also be interested in reading turmeric benefits for skin in addition to drug trafficking, los urabenos is also involved in racketeering, kidnapping, smuggling and illegal mining. The mafia uses violence as a tool to exert power and control over strategic territories, instill fear in the population, and challenge local and national authorities. Recent operations and captures in recent years, colombian authorities have stepped up their campaign against los urabenos, conducting operations to dismantle the mafia structure and capture its leaders and key members.

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The mafia is responsible for numerous murders

Furthermore, n has penetrated into every sector of colombian society, corroding public and business institutions and even politics. The mafia uses its economic and military power to exert influence and control over different areas of society, putting the country’s democracy and rule of law at risk. You may also be interested in reading why I feel like I’ve lived before. Find out! Reaction by authorities and civil society given the threat posed by los urabenos, colombian authorities have stepped up their efforts to combat the mafia and other criminal groups in the country. Security strategies and special operations have been implemented to disrupt the organization’s criminal structure and capture its leaders.

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