How To Choose Juniors With Potential

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How To Choose Juniors With Potential

Then you nee to fill the description with what he is comfortable with and adapt these values ​​to the team. Case. The head of one company I worke for was authoritarian. Everything about democracy which was close to the team was not close to her. But the company was technological and it was important not to blindly follow the proceures but to periodically introduce innovations. This requires psychological comfort. Therefore we translate democracy as respect we respect each other’s opinion and work. Problem employees negotiate or leave Culture is a living organism and it constantly requires a nutrition meium confirmation that this is not just an inscription we really live like this.

Project Approach In Personal Effectiveness

It is very easy to destroy it with one wrong hire. As soon as people see any discrepancies between what they are told and what they observe the level of USA Email List trust drops to the maximum. It takes a lot of time and money to get the team at least to a neutral level. Any especially small business has a temptation to turn a blind eye to the fact that a specialist does not share the values ​​of the company and quickly put out the fire . But you don’t have to do that. Sometimes already on probation an employee does not behave according to values ​​ and then we part. Even if the vacancy is on fire.

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Algorithm In Conflict

There is a way to attract such a specialist by protecting your DNA. For example invite him as a consultant. The main thing is to tell the team Yes he is different but we nee him now. But we do not change from this. We are on fire and he USA Business is a fire extinguisher. I would like blue but there is only re. Therefore we take it now before everything burns down. In the team one’s own will not quickly become stranger . If someone began to change you nee to look for the reason. It can be accumulate fatigue or drama in your personal life. Or dissatisfaction something that seems small to you but the person unsuccessfully tries to solve for months and considers it big.

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