Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Csr?

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Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Csr?

Technology, we all know, is a significant factor that has a strong impact on our environment. Whether social, societal or environmental, the digital transformation generated by an increased use of data is shaping our future. According to the website , “corporate social responsibility (CSR) also called corporate social responsibility is defined by the European Commission as the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial activities and their relations with stakeholders. A company that practices CSR will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society while being economically viable. Insights & Intelligence Media Analytics Learn more Social & societal impact Job destroying AI…like a Terminator it comes forward and destroys everything in its path…millions of people will lose their job.

Here is a projection from many AI experts…But why couldn’t we all just have hope? Why not see the glass half full. The digital revolution has been singled out for years, as we have seen above. But would the Ukraine WhatsApp Number List be quite different? According to Inria (National Research Institute dedicated to digital sciences) the socio-economic impacts of artificial intelligence must be beneficial for society as a whole and not just for a privileged few. Evidenced by a study by Gartner , which shows that from 2020, AI will create more jobs than it will destroy. For the less well-qualified people, we could say that AI will impact these professions, but in fact we can see it more as an evolution.

We Could Have a “Win-Win” Situation

If we now take the case of executives, demand is very high for technical profiles. Today we are looking for data scientists, data engineers, dataviz. If we go to non-technical profiles, we then find ourselves with a need for project managers to define new use cases, we end up with people who are able to create economic models with AI. Insights & Intelligence Media Analytics Learn more But AI is still something that is expensive in production, so you have to find the right trade-off, with a need for financial profiles AI manipulates a lot of data, so who says data says legal issues behind it, so we will increasingly need profiles that come from the law. AI is a big word that means everything and nothing, so to be able to give value to this word, you have to have marketers.

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To help with training support and define new needs and as there is also a shortage, we are looking for new coaches, teachers, trainers to train in AI, technical profiles and non-technical profiles. I invite you to learn about a new training course initiated by Marc Decombas (director of the Executive Master “IA for innovative managers” Institut Mines Telecom Business School – IMT-BS ). The latter integrates social and ecological dimensions, because “AI is a source of solutions”. It will be a source of solutions, if, and only if, we integrate it into the training of our little darlings and those who are already in post. Insights & Intelligence Media Analytics Learn more Environmental impact Let’s talk about the obvious…digital is data…data is billions of pieces of data stored in the “cloud”, and the cloud means “data center”. These data centers, to operate, need energy, a lot of energy.

We Are in Shortage So We Need Marketing

The backbone of an increasingly digitized world would currently account for nearly 1% of the world’s energy consumption. electricity . So far, ” the most frequently cited analyzes indicated that their consumption had doubled over the last decade and that. It was likely to triple or even quadruple during the next decade (with the development of many new uses. Artificial intelligence, connected systems, autonomous vehicles, etc.) . But the reality is quite different… In order to have a lower impact on the environment. Certain economic players have decided to react. Digital in France represents: Primary energy: 6.2% of France’s consumption Greenhouse gases.

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