“Apache’s Expertise Comes to Reinforce Our Value Proposition

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“Apache’s Expertise Comes to Reinforce Our Value Proposition

For this to happen, it is necessary to have a good teaching team. Involved and committed students who are eager to train and carry. Out of the projects proposed by the university. For this reason, UFV chooses its students based. On various criteria where their affinity to the Degree and to the university. Is put to the test, among other aspects. To enter the course they must meet a high percentage. Of these criteria and also stand out in others. Without a doubt, the digital transformation at UFV has been an opportunity. Having been prepared and overcoming the challenge every day. With improved technology and unity in the cloisters, aligned degrees, faculties, and university.

In fact, they had a powerful platform that, online, allowed them to follow the course normally and to date their teaching guides have not changed. “It was a wonderful adventure and it turned out better than expected,” explains the academic director of marketing. In addition, Ayestarán also recognizes that today they have continued with the format that was france mobile phone number example in quarantine, although with a hybrid model, and always investing in improving cutting-edge technologies. Currently and due to the circumstances of the pandemic, they can emphasize that the hybrid model works well for them and they prefer it that way, instead of 100% digital or face-to-face.

Although, According to What

Points out, the students, if they had to choose, would prefer the physical format due to the feeling of belonging that exists on campus and the interactive spaces that UFV has. This is just one example of how digitization has affected our lives and has established itself in the routine. A reflection of what will be the day to day in future jobs, with more trained people, with more vision, leaders with critical thinking and better technologically trained, and in the comfort of working in your own home.

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Generation gap: Does it still exist? A brand must take into account the needs of its public. Which changes with respect to the year of birth.
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It is sometimes difficult for older people to introduce themselves to a digital service. which is a challenge if we take into account that every day. We have become more technological. For Sánchez, “ it is a mistake if you do not meet the needs of all customers. You have to take care of them. Anyone uses WhatsApp frequently and it is worth investing. In this type of customer relationship channel, since everyone has access to this technology.

In This Context, He Re-Introduces the Theme

Of the mobile phone, to reiterate its importance today, also due to access to messaging applications such as the one he mentioned earlier, which help interaction with the brand. For his part, the representative of To Good To Go assures that a useful platform for his company is Facebook thanks to the groups that have been registered organically by its users. “We listen to our clients in them, but we don’t participate, we simply learn”, explains Zarzalejo.

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