Recommendation algorithms and machine learn

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Recommendation algorithms and machine learn

She lov and respect, shoots videos on youtube, writes websites, chatbots, parsers and other software. But what made users like it? Peculiarities of the language clean syntax. The first th that python developers note the accuracy of the code. There are no complex functions, incomprehensible descriptions for beginners. Indents and spaces are us to write a block. English  sufficient at the level of the alphabet and simple words. Look at an example of a simple algorithm: code simplicity. Compare the code length of python and java. The image shows an example of download text from a file.

There a also libraries for robotics

Developer tools. It takes a long time to write programs bas on clean code. To simplify the task, we invent ready-made templates – libraries (frameworks). Python has many of them for different tasks.django and flask are us for the web — sites, applications (for example, pinterest, youtube and instagram are written in django).  machine learn, mobile and browser Russia Phone Number List games. Wheres it us? The presence of libraries and a simple syntax allows you to do anyth in python.  or write programs for services. The language  integrat with java, c and.

Russia Phone Number List

You can apply for web development

If the application  written in python, it does not ne to  rewritten in a different language every time. hat services and sites were written USA Business with python support: pinterest — uses python since the start of the service. Also django for frameworks to make it easier for the developer to improve the application. Netflix – works on the website, in the application for tv or pc. The service nes to be always and everywhere in order to offer new ths to viewers and not lose views. Python helps with this.  programs are written with it. Google – add python to the list of languages ​​us.

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