A Guide To Cell Phone Number Listings Or Directories Online

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A Guide To Cell Phone Number Listings Or Directories Online

One of the fastest forms of communication, the World Wide Web has become increasingly necessary in every home nowadays. The Internet is by far one of the most popular ways to keep in touch not only for big businesses and corporations but also for the common person Canada business phone list. Personal computers with an Internet connection are now found in a majority of homes worldwide.

Besides the ease of contacting friends and family quickly, the Internet also offers great tools for accessing information, creating new contacts all over the world and opportunities for working online. It does not matter where you actually are geographically. You can use the net to gather research material for school and office projects. Not surprisingly, you can also use the net to search for the owner of a specific mobile telephone number.

Let us assume you have come across a mobile telephone number whose owner you are unable to identify. If you are interested, there are ways to identify the person and you can start right away. However, did you ever wonder if there are directories or mobile telephone registers available on the Internet which you can access?

Strictly speaking, the only information index or register of phone numbers available on the net is for landline telephone numbers. There is as of now, no ‘authorized’ information index or register of mobile telephone numbers. However, do not lose heart because many mobile telephone registers are being created on a voluntary basis as the need for them increases day by day.

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Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN can obtain results provided you go about it correctly. The method for this reverse phone search is to type in the mobile phone numbers – “xxx-xxx-xxxx” in the search toolbar. If you are unsuccessful, you can try typing only the last seven numbers of the mobile phone like this – “xxx-xxxx.” Try your luck in all three search engines and you just may be able to track the person you are looking for. Information available, if any, will be displayed.

A better method is to access the volunteer sites on the Internet. Here the probability of locating the owner of the number is far superior. The method is straight forward – just key in the number as you did in the reverse phone search and hey presto! The information pops up on the screen immediately.

Some websites that may prove helpful are as follows:

  • free-reverse-cell-phone-directory.com: In case you are disinclined about revealing your own mobile number for inclusion in the websites records, this site allows you to access its records and conduct you reverse phone search without making personal disclosure compulsory.
  • nationalcellulardirectory.com: There are no charges in accessing the information on the website. The only rider is that you have to first disclose your own mobile phone number for addition in the records of the website.
  • cellphonedirectory.com: This is easily the most favored website for hunting for details about mobile phone numbers. It has a big catalog of numbers and the best part is any time you wish to you can delete your own mobile number from the records. Once again, the services are free
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The three websites detailed before are above board and legitimate, and can be accessed any time. If ever you are finding it difficult to locate the owner of a mobile phone number, try these websites and utilize their services gratis. You never know, you may be able to match a name to a number.

As you can see, even though there are no ‘official’ index or registers for mobile phone numbers, the many legitimate volunteer websites on the Internet may be able to give you the facts you need and narrow down your search successfully.

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