73% Of Marketers Have Increased Spending On Influencers This Year

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73% Of Marketers Have Increased Spending On Influencers This Year

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of the year, brands around the globe had to redefine their strategies both at the business level and at the marketing and communication level. On this path of adaptation to a world of COVID-19, investment in some media and marketing areas fell.
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But if we talk about influencers, everything seems to indicate that investment has not only not stopped, but has increased despite the crisis . This is echoed in a study by the influencer marketing agency Takumi, whose main conclusions are collected by The Drum . First, the report reveals that 73% of marketers have put more resources into influencer marketing this year , especially in the retail (79%), legal (79%) and manufacturing (75%) sectors.
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The report, conducted in August through surveys of 3,500 consumers, marketers and influencers, indicates that brands are beginning to work with these content creators in more conventional channels, such as OOH (83.3%), print media (80%) and television and radio (81.3%) , as they become more confident in their ability to generate a return on investment. In fact, the ROI of influencer marketing exceeds that of traditional advertising according Bolivia B2B list 60% of the marketers consulted. On the other hand, among the data in the report we find that professionals are exploring new platforms . 58% of them consider working with YouTube influencers, 55% with content creators on Instagram, 35% on TikTok, 20% on Twich and 10% on Triller. The conclusions of the Takumi report show that, despite the pandemic, marketers are allocating budget to multi-channel campaigns with influencers .

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Professionals Are Also Overcoming

Concerns regarding trust , since, according to surveys, only 4% of people trust what influencers say. Added to this challenge is that of getting these content creators to adequately identify the advertising content. What Future Do You Predict? Agencies Have to Learn to Value What They Already Do Because It Is Not Easy.
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Their Challenge, in Addition to Always Being Up to Date and Getting the Most Out of Investments, Is Also to Be More Flexible. Interacting with Others and Knowing How to Add Value to In-House Models Is Another Symptom of Evolution and Adaptation to the Times. a Specialist Who Knows How to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone Will Always Be Necessary. Users Change, the Media Too.


Repeating Formulas Is Very Short-Sighted. If You Don’t Change and Adapt You Can’t Win. 10. Does the Digital Transformation We Are Witnessing Affect the Media Department and Agencies? Totally and Absolutely. If Media Consumption Is Increasingly Digital and the Way of Buying Them Is Also Digital. It Is Obviously Essential to Know How to Adapt. Basically, it helped them understand what was working and what wasn’t. But it also helped them understand why, since listening channels and direct interaction with the brand were enabled through the tool.
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This is a good example that shows us that each brand has to explore how to make their customer experience something unique, and then work with solutions that allow them to offer the consumer the best of both the physical and digital worlds.

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What Do You Think Of Combining

The digital sphere with the face-to-face sphere at a physical point of sale? Our customers are today’s true innovators and set the pace of digitizing their own experiences. Brands cannot be left behind in this regard. A customer can enter to interact with your brand at any stage through numerous channels, be it physical, digital. Even through social networks. It is essential that the brand owns each of these interaction points. Has a response prepared to delight the customer. The Retail or Mass Consumption sectors, for example, have undergone a transformation in this sense. The emergence of new business models or the transition to B2B2C schemes. In our case with CrowdTwist, we are working on projects with clients where it is essential to complement. Unify and gamify the loyalty strategy in both channels and extrapolate the value of online to the physical environment.

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