5 Trends That Stick Like Glue to New Marketing

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5 Trends That Stick Like Glue to New Marketing

The crisis stemming from the coronavirus may not have exactly changed everything, but it did accelerate a good handful of trends (also in the marketing universe). Consumer behavior and needs have undergone multiple pirouettes in the form of changes, changes that brands cannot afford to be immune to. The digital transformation brought to the forefront by the pandemic involves tearing apart decades and decades of (worm-eaten) traditions , turning the screw on company management and challenging corporate culture. To dive into the new marketing without drowning in its stormy waters, brands should look at the trends dissected below by Nicolas Wandschneider in an article for W&V : 1. Content is and remains the king of marketing To connect with the customer in a highly competitive market, brands need to be relevant and entertain their target audience with valuable and consistent content.

Although consumer attention is increasingly elusive, the digital channels where that consumer moves like a fish in water provide brands with the latest technologies to target their target much more precisely. The content that reaches the eyes of the consumer (in the most accurate way possible) must inform and entertain the audience, be covered with thailand mobile number and ensure that the brand that produces it is clearly differentiated from the competition. Each of the stories that make their way into the content should be the perfect amalgamation of channel and format. And the entire organization as a whole must be involved in the production of the content. Companies that jump into the pool of content marketing must be, however, aware that this marketing formula is not suitable for the impatient. Content marketing is not, after all, a sprint but a marathon.

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Marketing and Sales Must

Be intertwined Marketing in its most modern aspect must strengthen ties with the entire organization, in particular with the sales department. Despite the importance of establishing points of contact between marketing and sales, the truth is that cooperation between one department and another is lacking in most companies. But marketing and sales must strive to walk together hand in hand and share goals and challenges. It is about both disciplines complementing each other and working in harmony. More and more marketers are eager to automate processes. Whose importance will take a huge leap in the coming months due to the swift transition to ubiquitous digital channels.

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Automation is vital, among other things, to give shine and splendor to the generation of “leads” and improve their quality. 4. Employees need to be for the new challenges ahead If many companies are still lagging. Behind in the field of automation, it is largely due to the lack of employees sufficiently familiar with this technology. This is a significant hindrance (which must be urgent) if we take into account. Marketing decisions are increasingly in data. Therefore, companies must adequately prepare their employees for the marketing challenges that loom on the medium-term horizon.

Companies Must, on the Other Hand

Provide training to their employees in the field of performance marketing, analytics or holistic marketing. 5. From offline marketing to online marketing. The coronavirus has inaugurated a true revolution in marketing. Which has gone from paying homage to offline marketing to gambling practically everything on the marketing card. Good proof of this are, for example, face-to-face events, which have disappeared. Recent months in favor of the omnipresent virtual events . COVID-19 may not have definitively “killed” offline marketing, it has given online marketing an unusual role. A role that this discipline will not shake, much less once the post-Covid era has begun. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – This metric indicates the total revenue of a business. Eexpect from a single customer, considering their revenue and the company’s intended lifetime for that person.

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It is a very interesting piece of information to know which clients will generate. The most income for a company, and also know which are the vendors that manage. Increase this lifetime to a greater extent. Applying this metric is quite easy. All the information that is thanks to the establishment of the metrics will not only serve. Recognize the work of the employees, but will also offer very useful data on the progress of the business objectives.

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