5 Original Promotional Actions to Activate the Consumer at the Point

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5 Original Promotional Actions to Activate the Consumer at the Point

Promotion at the point of sale has always been a very effective marketing tool to boost the presence of any brand directly where the consumer makes the purchase decision. In addition, now with the reduction of distancing and capacity measures, it is increasingly likely that potential customers will go to physical points of sale, so promotions in the POS are called to be a basic pillar in the revitalization strategies sales for brands. Of course, the promotion at the point of sale must be visual and attractive enough to stand out among all the stimuli that the customer can receive in the same establishment. In this situation, it is always advisable to use interactive promotional actions and consumer activation campaigns that allow them to interact with their favorite brand.

We must not forget that we are not dealing with passive subjects, but that customers value the proactivity of the brand when it comes to making new products known or at the time of their relaunch. Taking these factors into account, we can carry out innumerable promotional actions to activate the consumer in the establishment that, to a how to get contact number of a person in India extent, will depend on the type of company and the product offered, but also on the type of client. These are just some examples of original actions that will attract the attention of consumers and that will attract them to the point of sale: Smart testers. For some years now, Inditex has been developing interactive mirrors in its brands’ stores where customers can scan the clothes they want and immediately see how they would fit.

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This Not Only Saves the Consumer

time by not having to try on clothes, but this same screen allows great interaction by being able to request a change in size, product information or suggestions for combining garments. Digital Signage. Digital signage is a perfect method both to inform consumers about the latest brand news, and so that the customer can interact more with the company. The dynamic and animated content that can be put on these screens makes it easier for the customer to feel more attracted to the content, and being an indoor medium instead of an outdoor one, it is more effective, since the consumer receives the message directly in the place where will make the purchase decision. Customize the product as much as possible.

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It is undeniable that products are the element that unites companies with their customers. Personalizing them will make them pay more attention and be more receptive to their purchase. A good example of this occurred a few years ago when Coca-Cola launched cans. Bottles of its soft drink with real names on the market to attract consumer attention. This action was a great success, creating interest from its regular customers, but it also attracted potential and sporadic customers who wanted to keep a can or bottle with their name on it. Turn POS employees into brand prescribers. Prescribing the product and boosting sales involves knowing its characteristics and consumer needs. Selecting the right people for each type of activation. Training them in the benefits of the product and the values ​​of the brand is key to turning them. Ambassadors to the consumer and mobilizing sales.

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Demonstrating the Functionalities and Features

A newly launched product at the point of sale can be a good sales enhancer. Customer is directly shown all the functionalities it has before they make a purchase decision. Therefore, it is a good method to call the activation of the consumer in technological products. That requires a certain configuration to be able to use them. In addition, with this action you can find out the reactions of consumers to the product. So it is also a good way to get feedback. What they don’t see is how behind those four letters lies the largest and most dynamic network. People, alliances and products,” Said Lynne Biggar, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer, Visa. “Our vision is for Visa to be as more than just a credit card company and be. A secure network that drives commerce,” he says.

A campaign focused on Visa’s commitment to evolution Over the past 5 years. Visa has invested $9 billion in technology to shape the future of commerce. To reflect this commitment to the immediate future, there are several spots that show the power of the network. The action has been by the Wieden+Kennedy agency , which invites the world to “Meet Visa”. Complementing the introductory spot are a series of shorter digital pieces. As well as photographs, showing the breadth of the Visa network at work. Visa has had the photographer Camilla Falquez and the team of Argentine directors Pantera & Co. If you cannot see the embedded video correctly, click here The new identity symbolizes the change Visa wanted. Bring a more modern and dynamic visual brand identity, created in collaboration with Mucho.

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