5 “Medicines” to Cure Marketing of Its Chronic Anemia in the Post-Covid

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5 “Medicines” to Cure Marketing of Its Chronic Anemia in the Post-Covid

From the womb of the pandemic has emerged a whole host of challenges for marketers. But the challenges that marketers deal with on a daily basis go far beyond COVID-19 (the one that humanity seems determined to defeat once and for all). For years, marketing has been the object of multiple restructurings with the ultimate goal of sticking like glue to the customer . However, such efforts have paradoxically resulted in the opposite effect. In addition, while CMOs must manage extremely complex portfolios that seem to grow at times, there is also the need to provide more specialized teams, which ultimately results in the creation of silos. All these factors have led marketing to the inevitable dysfunction , the same one that the coronavirus exposed in an absolutely brutal way. It is more than evident that marketing urgently needs to reinvent itself, especially now that the new post-Covid era is beginning.

According to an article by Jeannine Falcone (Accenture Interactive) published by Warc , these are the “medicines” that the marketing industry should resort to to heal once and for all: 1. Make everything revolve around the purpose (and customers) Although the post-Covid era is unfortunately pregnant with very few certainties, today no one doubts that purpose uae phone number occupy a very prominent place on the list of consumer priorities. The customer is looking for brands capable of bringing to the table new experiences focused on trust, convenience, relevance and empathy. The consumer demands from the brands the same thing that he demands from himself. Not surprisingly, half of consumers confess to having completely revised their list of personal resolutions in the last twelve months. And they want, therefore, that the values ​​of the brands are aligned with their own.

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Eight Out of Ten Consumers

Say that the purpose is at least as important to them as the customer experience. The purpose not only works miracles attracting (not letting go) the client but it. Also a phenomenal magnet to conquer the best talent (which is also essential to fuel the marketing department). 2. Respect creativity Marketers best suited to success emphasize the human qualities of the talent they want to have by their side in the future. Aware that they already control the “customer experience”, data and innovation, marketers seek to balance their work teams by adding a good dose of creativity and originality to the mix with which they already work today.

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Orchestrate both humans and machines Marketers are perfectly aware that technology does not work magic. They can be transferred to machines and which specifically concern humans. It’s vital that marketers implement the new technologies at their disposal. A 100% human lens (and always keeping in mind how such technologies influence the customer experience). 73% of marketers with the best performance index also ensure that the automated flows emanating. New technologies do not collide at any time with their brand values 4. Rub elbows with other executives Marketers pride themselves on knowing the customer better than any other department within the company.

Summer Is a Perfect Time to Achieve

Marketers’ close connection to the real customer should be reason enough for leading marketers to come to the table with. Executives to craft the strategic agenda for the company that has them on the payroll. Not in vain, 65% of the marketers with the best performance figures. Their side actively influence and participate in strategies of a corporate nature. 5. Invest wisely The best marketers do not necessarily invest more money than their less outstanding peers. They just approach spending with a totally different mindset. And they take the trouble to measure their investments against previous results and current expectations. It should also be borne in mind that the marketers who smile at the results do not base themselves. Historical spending figures to make the decisions that concern investment today. And instead, they allocate funds with a focus on their current needs.

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Greater notoriety as a brand, both with products and services, and with which you can obtain greater benefits. Jesús Madurga , CEO of NeoAttack, explains: “While some companies have benefited from the pandemic. Others have seen their sales drop dramatically in recent months. To try to balance the income statement and overcome the moment, brands must. Their imagination and resources this summer to attract consumers and convert them into customers.


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