5 Keys to Illuminate Marketing Strategies That Are as Summery as They Are

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5 Keys to Illuminate Marketing Strategies That Are as Summery as They Are

Summer is a time when e-commerce merchants can often see their sales or bottom line numbers drop. Due to many factors such as, for example, the departure of many people on vacation. Likewise, free time allows them to buy in physical spaces, so online sales are also affected. Even so, summer is still a good time to design marketing strategies. These are the tips proposed below by the online marketing and communication services agency NeoAttack : keep up the activity One of the most frequent errors with the arrival of good temperatures and holidays lies in inactivity on the part of companies and the reduction in the content they provide to users. In summer, everyone has more free time, making great use of social networks and accessing multiple web pages. This fact gives us the opportunity to strengthen and create a more powerful link with our target audience.

It is essential to be very present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, which have millions of users around the world. According to a Social Media Examiner report, 92% of marketers say their social media activity has helped them generate more exposure for their business. Create dynamic and light content find cell number by name in canada the summer, users expect to receive more dynamic, original and attractive content, which allows them to stay entertained. A year ago, Spaniards used their mobile phones for an average of 2 and a half hours during vacations . Of that time, 55 minutes went to messaging apps, 46 to social networks and half an hour to work email. The mobile becomes our main point of contact with the real world and the contents must be to the medium in which we will see them.

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Thus, It Is Convenient to Leave

The comfort zone with our brand and bet on offering resources of interest to the user that are attractive, which will serve to distract them and occupy as much of their free time as they have. Create a mix of content that consumes little data, if you make videos try to keep them very short; optimize your images to load quickly on mobile, and create agile content that is easy to consume from anywhere . On the other hand, the visibility of our brand will not decline, we will be able to access people who until now did not know our company and we will have a greater opportunity to outperform our competitors. In this sense, SEO positioning is also important. If we take care of this aspect with the most recommended techniques (keywords, links, images, appropriate content structures, etc.).

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We will get them to come to us when they look for the type of product we sell, with all the benefits that this entails for us. According to HubSpot, while only 29% of people want to learn more about a product from a seller, 62% do research using search engines , also known as search engines. Users are the protagonists Summer turns users into true influencers who do not stop creating content: photos on the beach, trips, parties or dinners, etc. You can take advantage of its activity to launch an action with which users can generate content while enjoying their summer activities, such as creating a contest where users have to upload a photo with their friends on the beach or enjoying a ice cream to be able to participate.

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There Are Countless Options to Find

A way to take advantage of the content generated by users and let them participate by giving them prominence. If your products or services are seasonal, take advantage of it In summer we can intensify the communication. Promotion of those products or services that are more seasonal and, therefore, have a greater probability. Penetrating during the summer season. For this, it will be important to highlight and highlight the benefits that the brand offer brings to. Target audience , differentiating us from the competition and providing added value. If you close your physical store, integrate the information of retail customers into. Online strategies Incorporate the information about your physical store customers in the database that you will use. Your online campaigns, you will be able to communicate with them and offer them what they usually see and buy.

Also, being aware that your physical customers know where your establishments are. Bet on campaigns by location so that they always remember your brand. Visit your store, but buy online while your physical store is. In addition, if your physical store can now reopen its doors, you can promote the reopening through. Online channel among your regular physical store customers , offering them advantages for their loyalty. It is also very useful to propose a remarketing strategy that makes the brand and products visible through. Based on their searches or browsing, or send a notification with the forgotten product in the cart to try. This practice, which offers very good results, is only put into practice by 18.9% of eCommerce , according to a study by ESIC Business & Marketing School.

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