17 questions to ask yourself before publishing your content

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17 questions to ask yourself before publishing your content

Get this tattooed: your content should always add value to your audience. If a content does not educate, entertain or inspire your users, what value is it? colony club barbados email address , You’ve probably wondered more than once “should I really post this?” And you do well. Questioning yourself is a great exercise to give the best of yourself. Similarly, questioning your content will help you get the most out of it.

We have prepared these 17 questions that you should always answer with a resounding YES before deciding to publish your content .

Before starting
Remember that content creation is a cyclical process that is made up of 4 phases: ideation> creation> diffusion> optimization. The following checklist will help you validate your content in each of its phases.

Ideation phase
1. Does it reveal new ideas that your audience will value? Does it suit them?

You must make sure that the proposed topic is of interest to your audience, that they will like it and that it will conform to what they expect of you.

2. Is it credible and reliable?

Speak only on topics that you are trained in. Do not try to contribute content about which you do not have knowledge, since the user will be able to perceive it and you will lose credibility.

On the other hand, if you can provide real examples in your speech, do so. It is an important point for your content to offer your audience a greater usefulness.

3. Does it complement all of your content?

If you have already talked about the same thing before, what is the point of repeating the same type of post? This can even harm you at the SEO level since you “cannibalize” the keyword. You must make sure that your new content contributes different ideas, complements the rest of your content and / or answers a different question.

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For example, if you have already generated content explaining what a lead is, do not create another one that answers the same question. Instead, you can talk about how to get them or what lead nurturing is.

4. Does it have the potential to attract traffic?

Do a keyword search . It will help your content to have more capacity to generate traffic.

5. Do you transport your users through their Buyer’s Journey?

Your content should serve for the user to advance through their purchase process. Sometimes we make the mistake of creating too much content from the same Buyer’s Journey phase , USA Business , mostly around the discovery phase.

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