11 must-have AI apps for 2021

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11 must-have AI apps for 2021

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence applications could facilitate, and even improve, the digital marketing actions that we carry out every day?According to McKinsey Global Institute, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are expected to generate around $ 1.4 trillion and $ 2.6 trillion when solving marketing and sales problems over the next three years.Such australian mobile number online has been the rise of AI applied to marketing that between 2018 and 2020 it went from being used by marketers from 29% to 85% according to the most recent Salesforce study.As good marketers, we like to be faithful to the digital marketing media, tools and applications that we have worked with in the past and that have worked for us. But with the arrival of artificial intelligence to the world of digital marketing, the revolution is about to begin …11. Decision making: Rapid Miner “> 11. Decision making: Rapid Miner Are you ready to welcome these artificial intelligence applications?And there is no doubt that it is a field worth exploring to venture into this new panorama that will allow us to innovate, facilitate processes and optimize results.Artificial intelligence can greatly help us save time and effort in our daily tasks, while the main indicators of our campaigns are on the rise. Who wouldn’t want this?

In the same way, artificial intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand, since digital marketing requires processing huge amounts of data and, precisely, artificial intelligence helps us process and interpret this data faster, allowing us to create digital strategies much more efficiently.So we are in a very good time to start exploring and adopting some of the digital marketing tools and applications that apply artificial intelligence like the ones we will see below. Shall we start?According to the Content Experience Report , personalized recommendations increase by 60% the probability that the visitor will consume more content than when they are presented with generic recommendations.Uberflip is a content marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to personalize the content experience and streamline the sales cycle. It allows you to better understand each potential customer and predict what type of content and topics may interest you.This tool provides content recommendations at the right time, in the right format, and targeting the right audience. These recommendations are displayed right at the point where they are most likely to be consulted by the potential customer.

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It is not about offering the typical “recent articles” or “popular articles”, but rather about recommending content that helps the visitor become a lead or potential client by providing their contact information and advancing the process by themselves. purchase decision. In this way, the conversion will be higher.Generating content can become a difficult, time-consuming and even expensive task. But with the arrival of artificial intelligence to the sub-disciplines of digital marketing, this does not have to continue like this.Articoolo is an artificial intelligence application applied to content generation in which its intelligent algorithm creates unique and quality content by simulating the way a human brain would.But how is it possible? The process is simple: first, you put the title you want for a blog post, for example: ” The best books on self-improvement usa business and self-help .” From the title, the application will understand the context of the topic and will search, in this case, for the best resources for self- improvement, extracting the sentiment they put on it and its keywords. With this, you will rebuild everything into one coherent piece of content. Finally, you will write it using neurolinguistic programming to verify that it has correct semantics and is readable.


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