10 tips to post successfully on Facebook

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10 tips to post successfully on Facebook

On Facebook, not everything is invented nor can we take anything for granted, and although the perfect post does not exist, there are certain rules that you must know and apply in your day to day to get a successful post. To the mess! Dubai Email Address , We have a profile or page on Facebook of our product and company. That is easy. The complicated thing comes when we are going to post something and we do not know what, or how to do it.

The first thing we should know is that there is no perfect post on Facebook , nor is there a specific time when everything works.

If you are starting in this or already have experience but you think you may be doing something wrong because your post does not work, check these 10 tips to post successfully on Facebook :

1. Content is the key

What to say about the importance of sharing and creating relevant and quality content. Cúrratelo, because without it, nothing works.

2. Positive attitude

A post with a positive content or attitude multiplies engagement and is shared much more. Having a negative attitude can cost you a lot of your fans. Eye.

3. Include images

Use images whenever you can. That they are of quality and of the appropriate size (about 800 × 600). If they look bad, they won’t work as they should.

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4. Be grateful and reward your fans

When someone likes your page, it means that they like you, and feel identified with you, that is why it is important to reward your fans with offers, discounts, raffles …

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5. Use links that contribute something

Your community will value content that provides interesting or novel information much more. If you are an expert in something, give tips and advice that may be useful to them. The links give the users the possibility to expand the information. Don’t forget to use a link shortener like Bitly .

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6. Watch the frequency

It is not a good idea to put 5 posts in a day and then spend 8 without sharing anything at all. Balance is the key.

7. Always reply

Throwing a post or two a day is not the only thing you should do on Facebook. A community is made up of people who have an opinion or comments to make. Always respond to negative comments as well. Deleting them is a mistake that you will pay dearly for.


8. Get feedback

Sometimes it is not easy to get feedback from the community, but you have to keep trying in one way or another and with different call to action. Your opinions are important and make sense that we are on a social network like Facebook.

9. Look for the engagement in all your posts

Every post is important and counts. Ask questions, pose games, riddles… Seek to connect with your community and everything will go smoothly.

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10. Don’t forget your mobile

Right now, most of the users of social networks, connect through mobile or tablet. You must adapt to them with an audiovisual and light format that they can see from this type of screen, which is much smaller. USA Business

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As you can see, here you learn through trial and error, and although this can get panicky at first, with a little consistency, patience and common sense you will achieve everything you set out to do.

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