10 tips to improve your conversations on social networks

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10 tips to improve your conversations on social networks

“In the past, you were what you had now you are what you share.” It is not about interacting with the audience in one direction. Indonesia Email Address ,  The key in social networks is to generate a link with the audience that allows constant conversations. In the end, the key to engagement in social networks is that, the conversation. Neither likes nor followers, conversation.

“The companies that understand Social Media are those that say with their message: I see you, I listen to you and I care about you”

Trey pennington
10 + 1 tips to improve your conversations on social networks
It shows that behind the brand there is a person . Users don’t want to follow brands, they want to follow people.
The more natural you show yourself, the more connection you will get.
Share content that has different formats. Do n’t just focus on one no matter how well it works for you. In the variety is the spice.
Your users are there so ask them for their opinion . What do you need? What do they look for in you? Why do they follow you?
Control the posting frequency . Do not saturate unless you have a lot of interesting to share. Always better little and good than a lot and bad.
Be consistent and always communicate in the same tone . It will be easier for you the more natural you do it.
Analyze the impact of your message , to refine more and more towards the interests of your followers.
Give more than receive.
Respond to all comments. They have taken the time to write to you, do it too.
They are people, not just another number in your followers.
Respond quickly.
Where is the secret or the magic formula? Does not exist. Each one must make their own decisions based on their experiences. Put love in the day to day. The actions that show your audience that you are there, no matter how small.

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“There is a human being behind every tweet, blog and email. Remember it”

We must bear in mind that 68% of users who leave a website do so because the user experience is poorly designed, that is, because it does not work as it should or does not have the necessary elements that the user expects. So what should a good user interface have?

Once you have functionality and simplicity, give your users “something else”, that “plus” for which they would choose you over your competitors . USA Business  Creating a simple and useful interface is essential, but it is also essential to go further and make it a sensory experience for your users, so that they enjoy using it.

A simple and effective way to achieve this experience is by animating the user interface, with very little you can achieve that “Wow!” Effect. that we all seek. In Ui-animations they show us some examples of very well achieved interface animations.

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