What is the Porter Value Chain for a company and how is it done step by step?

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What is the Porter Value Chain for a company and how is it done step by step?

What is the Porter Value Chain and how is it done for a company?
Do you know what the “Porter Value Chain” is and how can you apply it in a company? Almost all of us know that maintaining strategic control of a business is one of the essential tasks to be able to stay on the path of success. Portugal Email List ,  But in today’s competitive market, this alone is not enough. I’m sure you know your business very well, however, detecting where you can continue to improve is not usually that easy. That is why today I want to talk to you about the business value chain, a concept popularized by Michael Porter in 1985 (one of the world’s leading authorities on competitive intelligence strategies ).

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What is a value chain?
What is the Porter value chain for?
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What is a value chain?
The value chain of a company is a tool or strategic analysis model that helps us to identify the competitive advantages of a company against its market, as the objective of generating greater value for its customers.

Precisely, to find those advantages that will add greater value to your products and services, and that will make you stand out from your competition, you must analyze the different departments of your company and compare them with those of your competitors, in short, identify «what are your competitive advantages”.

When we talk about studying the company’s departments, we do not only do it about the physical space, human resources and technological infrastructures that you use in your daily work, but we also do it about finances and all the strategic processes that are necessary to effective management of the organization.

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What is the objective of the value chain of a company?
The final objective of the value chain is to know how to identify how we can contribute a higher value to the product or service offered by the company , in order to obtain a result of the highest quality for the potential client.

To achieve this excellence in the quality of products and / or services, this system analyzes the different steps that make up the process of creating these products , from the way in which relationships with suppliers are established to the way it is delivered. the final product to the customer.

The analysis of the production stages, in addition to the different departments involved in each of them, helps to identify which processes are adding more value to the final product.

On the other hand, just as we identify positive factors, we can also detect processes that add no or almost no value. Factors that, perhaps, are wasting our money and production time …

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What is the Porter value chain for?
As you may already intuited have this system t and will help to know what the real position of your company in its market , ie, it serves to better define know the strategies that you implement in your business (both at internal and external processes).

At this stage, no one doubts the increasing effort that companies must make to find a place in this highly competitive environment that we are living today. USA Business

Each organization has to make all its capabilities available to customers. And to stand out from your competition, you have to bring greater added value to the market and your potential customers.

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This is the way how the market will measure your company, for the value it brings to it.

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