What is On-Page SEO and how does it help you improve your website’s positioning? Poland Email Address

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What is On-Page SEO and how does it help you improve your website’s positioning? Poland Email Address

What is On-Page SEO and how does it help you improve your website’s positioning?
Do you know what are the factors that influence SEO On Page and how they can help you improve your organic positioning?  Poland Email Address , When we start to take our first steps with a new Digital project, taking maximum care of all the internal details of our website is of vital importance.

If you understand what SEO is , you also understand that it is obvious to think that Google will not take us very much into account if we do not first put our own house in order . For example, among other factors, we cannot waste time on him or give him wrong guidelines on which pages he should crawl and index on our site.

All this, and much more, you will surely understand better if you study in detail the factors of SEO On Page and its influence within an Internet positioning strategy. That is precisely what I intend with this guide: that you know how to determine what “On-Page” actions to carry out in favor of your online visibility.

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What is SEO On Page?
What is the true importance of SEO On Page?
On-Page SEO Mega Guide The Internal Factors That Will Help You Rank!
1. Website adapted to mobile devices and computers
2. Search intent
3. Information architecture and organization
4. URL syntax
5. Titles and subtitles of the content
6. Content quality
7. Optimize images
8. WPO: Upload speed
9. Internal linking
10. Outbound links
11. Depth or Levels of Clicks (Crawl Depth)
12. Control the crawling and indexing of your URLs
13. Send a sitemap of your website to Google
Did you know the concept of SEO On Page and its importance?
What is SEO On Page?
The SEO On Page are all those techniques and actions performed within a Web site , with the aim of achieving optimize or improve your organic ranking in search engines.

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In other words, it is to work within your website all those technical and usability aspects that can make life easier for Google (or other search engines), when crawling and indexing our pages and when deciding how it should classify them in the results lists.

Therefore, here also comes into play, in addition to technical issues of the Web, the semantic and thematic understanding of the content. And, regarding the understanding of the contents by the search engine, there is a very obvious idea:

Despite the fact that Google’s algorithms are increasingly complex and intelligent, even they are not capable of understanding texts in the same way that a person does.

Therefore, at the same time that we optimize technical factors of SEO On Page, it is also necessary to incorporate an information architecture that is as clear as possible in terms of the search intention of our content (keywords), so that the algorithms can better understand it. .

What is the true importance of SEO On Page?
A very high percentage of projects fail before reaching their first year of life, largely due to not having a truly relevant traffic.

Therefore, if you do not have great knowledge about positioning, the best option you have is to optimize all those basic factors related to the On Page that we will see below.

Think that the great advantage of SEO On Page is that how well or how badly you have implemented your strategy, it will only depend on you. These are internal factors of your website and that you can control yourself. Contrary to what happens with Off-Page, since by covering factors external to your domain, they are largely beyond your control.

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On-Page SEO Mega Guide The Internal Factors That Will Help You Rank!
Mega Guide to SEO On-Page: the Factors that will help you position your business
Next I am going to show you several tips with which you can improve the positioning of your website.

1. Website adapted to mobile devices and computers
If we talk about SEO On Page optimization, we also talk about adaptability to different types of screens and terminals. Therefore, your entire website has to be YES or YES adapted to all types of devices, both mobile and desktop. USA Business 

For a few years now, mobile traffic has increased notably and the number of searches carried out from mobile devices already exceeds those carried out from the desktop on many websites.

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