What is a PESTEL Analysis and how to do it step by step?

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What is a PESTEL Analysis and how to do it step by step?

Today I want to talk to you about PESTEL analysis , a strategic tool that you should use every time you start a new project, when you need to expand your company, or simply to know your market share and analyze how you can improve it. Poland Email List , Running a successful organization is a very complex task that requires specific skills. In addition, to try to keep things under control, you need to plan better and follow a methodology that leads your company on the right path.

At present, we are living very changing times , where what is valid today will no longer be so tomorrow. Therefore, we must know how to analyze our macroeconomic environment in order to adapt to changes. And, this is where PESTEL analysis comes into play.

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What is PESTEL analysis?
What is the PESTEL analysis for?
How to do a PESTEL analysis?
PESTEL analysis example
What is PESTEL analysis?
PESTEL analysis is a tool used to examine the macroeconomic environment of a company, it helps us to have a vision of the global situation that surrounds an organization. PESTEL stands for P oliticS, E Conomy, S ociety, T echnology, E cology and L egalidad.

There are some analysts who also tend to add other factors in the definition of this strategic evaluation tool. Therefore, you may come across different variants or adaptations of this technique on the Internet.

Variants of PESTEL:
PESTAL: politics, economy, technology, environment and legality.
PESTALE: politics, economics, technology, environment, legality and ethics.
PESTELI: politics, economics, technology, ecology, legality and industry.
PESTALD: politics, economy, technology, environment, legality and demography.
It is true that this tool provides you with information on which you have no influence. But, having all that data on the table will help you protect yourself from external threats, while you can work opportunities with strategies that strengthen your company.

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Therefore, a PESTEL analysis will help you identify the factors that may be affecting your company, and even those that may become a threat in the future.

PESTEL: Politics, Economy, Society, Technology, Ecology and Legality
What is the PESTEL analysis for?
When making any decision about your company, it is essential that you fully understand the global environment in which it operates. USA Business

You need a tool that helps you understand a little better all the factors (political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal) that can determine the strategic plan of your company .

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