What is a niche market and how do you find it? How to monetize macro and micro niches?

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What is a niche market and how do you find it? How to monetize macro and micro niches?

What is a niche market?
One of the fundamental aspects to sell more products or services on the Internet is to recognize the market niche that best suits our business. Without knowing this factor in depth, it is difficult to correctly direct all our Marketing efforts towards the highest profitability of the project.  Philippines Email Address , As I mentioned, I consider that this aspect is fundamental when talking about eCommerce, Dropshipping , Web monetization or any other way to earn money on the Internet , however, it is not always taken into account or it is known how to detect the most appropriate macro or micro niche. for our interests.

Therefore, it is vitally important to know how to correctly find a market niche that fits the needs of our project. And once we have it, analyze the best way to monetize it, that is, to obtain a greater profitability from it (which is the main objective of all this work). However:

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Unifying micro-niches!
What is a niche market?
A market niche is a term that we use to define a clearly differentiated fragment or segment within a market share and that includes people with certain needs and very specific characteristics, which may not be fully covered by the generalities of said market. market.

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Likewise, these segments can be differentiated or divided into different types according to their size and the type of segmentation to which they refer. In this way, we can also differentiate between “MICRO-NICHE” and “MACRO-NICHE” of the market.

What is a micro market niche?
A micro-niche could be defined as a smaller category or sub-category within a market niche, that is, this is a section of that “niche” but dealing with a much more specific topic .

Speaking of SEO, being more specific, micro-niches tend to have much fewer monthly searches on Google. In addition, here the number of keywords and / or long tails existing within it are greatly limited. But, it is also for all this that they tend to have much less competition.

Are micro niches profitable?
Many think that they are less profitable, but this is not necessarily true.

Why? Because with micro-niches you can get very specific traffic on a specific topic and, therefore, they can be very interesting in terms of effectiveness (in relation to the sales of the products and services of that specific topic that we are interested in positioning) .

Now, for you to understand it better, let’s see a real example on this topic. And this can be the “baked rabbit recipes” or “baked chicken recipes” .

Examples of micro-niche:
Micronichos Example: Baked Rabbit Recipes
The first example has 1,600 monthly searches and the second with 5,400 monthly searches in Spain (according to SEMrush) .

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Micronichos Example: Baked Chicken Recipes
We can see in the examples, that they are very specific topics and they point to a more limited target audience . USA Business

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Having such a limited audience means that in most cases users quickly find what they were looking for. But, it also gives us another advantage: very satisfactory results in terms of user metrics.

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