What is a Gantt chart, what is it for and how does this tool work?

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What is a Gantt chart, what is it for and how does this tool work?

What is a Gantt chart?
How many times have you sat down to organize a project and your calendar has ended up full of notes and tasks that you did not know where to put? A Gantt chart is the solution to your problem. It is that, to undertake, always takes a planning time where you must define the objectives, strategies and tasks that will help you in that project.  Portugal Email Address , When it comes to establishing a chronology in the performance of tasks, as well as acting in the face of the inevitable unforeseen events, if you do not have a good order and control, it is easy for you to lose information. Today I want to talk to you about the Gantt chart , a very simple and easy-to-do tool that also helps you control and monitor the evolution of any project.

I will show you the benefits it has and also, I will teach you the steps you must follow to create your Online Gantt chart. Finally, we will see some online applications with which you can make your diagrams in a very intuitive and simple way.

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What is a Gantt chart?
The Gantt chart is a chart that allows you to visualize each of the stages and tasks that make up a project over a certain period of time. It is named after its creator, Henry Gantt, who designed it at the beginning of the 20th century.

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The axes of the chart that Gantt has designed represent the different tasks to be carried out, which are on the vertical axis, and the dates of completion of each of them, which can be displayed on the horizontal axis.

The graphic representation is made by horizontal bars that show the time intervals of each of the tasks.

The most interesting thing about this diagram is the possibility of being able to superimpose tasks . And you already know that the tasks that are part of a project are not linear, that is, you do not always start one when you have finished the previous one.

Many times, there are tasks that overlap, either because they must be done in parallel, or because you can start a task independent of another to advance the project.

The Gantt chart allows you to see all this information in a very orderly way; this way, it will be much easier to control how things are going.

What is a Gantt chart for?
When launching any project, whether marketing or not, you need to carry out the strategies that you have previously defined which, in turn, will lead you to achieve the objectives set.

A Gantt chart can help you with everything you propose , from setting the goal of increasing sales in your company, to visualizing the productivity of your workers and even planning the reform you want to do at home.

Because yes, you can also use this diagram for your personal projects.

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Gantt chart benefits
You may see the Gantt chart as a tool used by other companies and organizations larger than yours.

But believe me that once you start working on your projects with this management system, whether you do it on a personal level or with a team behind you, you will no longer want to do things differently.

I want to share with you the 4 benefits that I like the most of this orderly planning such as the Gantt chart.

»You can see the whole project at a glance
The order of the tasks, with their dates and execution times, allows you to know, among other things, how the project is progressing .

On the other hand, when we work as a team it is very interesting that all the people who make it up understand the importance of their work within the group.

This way of approaching projects will help the workers involved to understand the importance of getting their tasks done on time.

»Improves productivity
A well-done Gantt chart eliminates follow-up meetings ; it will no longer be necessary to make checks on how things are going. Or, at least, not as often.

Also, an advantage that I really like about this planning tool is that unforeseen events are very well documented . You know that any project is always full of deviations, and you have to improvise almost continuously so that it does not stop.

The Gantt chart helps you make better decisions in those complicated moments where you have to include a new task, or postpone others. And this results in a better coordination of the whole team, because everyone sees the changes in real time. USA Business

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»Motivate the whole team
Having a global vision of a project, with its dates and time blocks, helps a lot when getting to work. And it is that many people get motivated and work more efficiently when they can see the global set of tasks to be carried out.

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