The Rider Law is launched: this is how the delivery sector in Spain has reacted

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The Rider Law is launched: this is how the delivery sector in Spain has reacted

On May 11, the Council of Ministers approved the decree of law that regulates the working conditions of home delivery drivers: the Rider Law, which marks the position of the Supreme Court before the platforms that kept the delivery drivers under the figure of “false autonomous ”when according to this new law, they must be salaried. Argentina Email address , At that time, the Government gave a period of three months for companies to adapt to this new legal framework, and that period has just passed.

Riders, salaried or self-employed?
Not long ago, home delivery was an exception: some businesses offered home deliveries, especially fast food or local restaurants, and to carry out the service the same establishment had a delivery man who took orders by phone, using a slow system. and sometimes not very efficient.

After the arrival of delivery platforms, everything changed, since now practically any business in any sector anywhere can offer home delivery. However, the rapidity of the evolution of these platforms, together with the business model that they have managed so far, have made their work model very questionable.

An issue that has ended in a real legal war in which many riders (distributors) have sought to be salaried, while many of the platforms have ensured that the riders are autonomous since they have great autonomy, being able to choose the hours and places to work , as well as providing their services to other delivery companies.

Justice forces Deliveroo to hire its riders

Rider Law: delivery companies must hire their workers as salaried employees
In May Yolanda Díaz, third vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, assured during the press conference after the Council of Ministers that the Rider Law places Spain “at the forefront of international legislation in this matter , since there is no country in the world that has dared to legislate this ”. Díaz repeated the idea that she had already expressed from the beginning of the processing of this law: “A young man on a bike is not an entrepreneur.”

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“The impact is absolute in each and every one of the companies in Spain,” said the Minister of Labor, since “it applies to digital platforms that use algorithms or artificial intelligence.”

This is because the new decree adds the right to information, by which workers will be able to know the algorithms that affect their working conditions, as well as access and maintenance of employment, which includes the creation of profiles. of the delivery men. With these algorithms, it refers to the management systems that delivery companies use to manage their shipments, USA Business , decide who distributes what based on their position, the route to follow to their destination, etc. And they can also rate workers based on parameters such as customer reviews.

“We do not want bosses who yell at us, or mobile devices that penalize us” clarified at this point the Minister of Labor, explaining that “everyone should know the reasons that motivate certain business decisions, so they should know what the algorithm hides ”.

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