Summary and videos of # Monetiza2020 Online Congress on eCommerce!

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Summary and videos of # Monetiza2020 Online Congress on eCommerce!

Monetize eCommerce Congress 2020
Get more profitability from your presence on the Internet or sell more with your eCommerce , we know that it is not easy. Oman Email Database , For this reason, we want to invite you to watch the videos of # Monetiza2020, an event that was held last November 2020 in which we show you the best strategies for your online business.

For the 5th consecutive year, we held one of the most anticipated online and free congresses of the year on “eCommerce and Web Monetization” , where we enjoyed live 2 days full of authentic first-level training, led by 24 professionals from the Marketing sector Digital and Electronic Commerce.

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Who were the speakers at # Monetiza20 and what topics did they speak about in their conferences?
Video of the 1st day of # Monetiza2020
Video of the 2nd day of # Monetiza2020
Who were the sponsors of # Monetiza2020?
We give out great prizes at # Monetiza2020!
The best Social Media team accompanied us
Who were the speakers at # Monetiza20 and what topics did they speak about in their conferences?
As I mentioned at the beginning, the professionals who accompanied us this year are, as has usually been the case in previous editions, consultants with extensive experience in different areas of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Online Business in general.

We also want to tell you that together with the creator of # Monetiza2020, José Facchin (CEO of the JF-Digital agency and director of Webescuela), this year we were supported by 2 major brands that collaborated in the co-organization of this free Online event.

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Clever Ads
Jose Facchin
Video of the 1st day of # Monetiza2020

This first day we started with the presentation of the speakers and sponsors who have made this meeting with Internet Marketing and Business possible.

»Presents José Facchin
José, in addition to presenting the speakers and sponsors, told us about the gifts (courtesy of the collaborating brands) that were raffled throughout the day among the participants on Twitter with the official hashtag # Monetiza2020.

»Hao Xu
BIO: Lover of Digital Marketing, expert in e-commerce platforms and geek of new technologies. He is currently Product Manager at Clever eCommerce.

How to face an eCommerce project from 0?
Description : in this inaugural talk, all the fundamental aspects of creating an eCommerce project were addressed. Hao Xu helped us with the selection of the platform that best suits our needs, the main ways to bring traffic to this new Online Store, also gave us tips and recommendations to improve conversion and methods to help our customers retain loyalty. .

»Marta Soler
BIO: Marta is CEO and co-founder of I have been working since 1997 leading Online projects in many sectors with a 360 vision. And the fascination for the communication potential of the internet has led me to specialize in the Conceptualization of Web Pages, Communication Strategies and their Digitization.

Only 3 steps to make your Communication Strategy a success
Description : become an Agile Brand and achieve your business objectives by controlling investment and measuring its return objectively. With digital tools that show you what works and what does not work in your Communication Strategy, and allow you to make the best decisions online.

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»Bistra Ivanova
BIO: Bistra is passionate about the Digital sector with more than 9 years of experience. He has worked for brands such as and

In addition, he was Agency Strategist for Google, a stage in which he advised more than 60 agencies to obtain the best results for their clients in Google Ads. She is Senior Paid Media Manager and co-founder of the Digital Marketing and web analytics consulting and agency, Winbia.

Google Shopping, an essential tool for your eCommerce
Description : learn how to promote your eCommerce products on Google Shopping and get ready to get the most out of your advertising campaigns on Google Ads.

»Jorge González Marcos
BIO: Jorge is the Country Manager of PrestaShop in Spain and has extensive experience in managing OnLine stores as an eCommerce Manager. In addition, he is the founder of

How to validate business models in eCommerce?
Description : From the hand of Jorge (Country Manager) and Alejandro Ramos (Tech Specialist PrestaShop) you will see from the validation of an eCommerce model to the generation of a simple Online store in PrestaShop, which can help us launch our eCommerce project.

»Victor Campuzano
BIO : Growth Hacker, knowmad and is also part of the Metricool and Streamlots team.

How to control the social advertising data of your business with Data Studio and Metricool?
Description : Víctor teaches how to integrate the data of your advertising and social media strategy into Google Data Studio. USA Business , Create reports with your data from Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Facebook and other accounts connected to Metricool.

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