How to create a Content Marketing Plan

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How to create a Content Marketing Plan

There are still companies that do Content Marketing without prior planning. But, how do you guarantee the success of a strategy if you are not sure what you are going to do and how you are going to measure it? bolivia lodge email address , With the high penetration that Inbound Marketing is having in small, medium and large companies, it is increasingly necessary to justify the investments made in content generation. To do this, you must have a more strategic vision of the business.

When talking about Content Marketing , there are two key premises:

1. Relationship between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing
Companies perceive the relationship between them increasingly closer . In HubSpot’s latest State of Inbound report , this was the result of the perception of the similarity between both concepts in the Marketing, Services and Sales department of the sample of companies studied:

In addition, more people think that Content Marketing is a subset of Inbound Marketing. Faced with this scenario , your strategies should always consider these terms as siblings, as elements that cannot be separated. Success goes hand in hand with them.

2. The pillars of Content Marketing
In addition to the content itself, the publication and dissemination plan are part of the fundamental pillars of the stability of any Content Marketing strategy.

This may seem very obvious, but many companies lack clear, defined and measurable objectives over time, or do not know the keys that would change their way of doing Content Marketing as they had done until now. So how should they deal with the consequences of their Marketing actions? How can you guarantee success and all the investment made in content production? It is not about cool content, but about content that works and that makes us meet business objectives.

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The Content Marketing plan seems to be the answer to uncertainty. USA Business , A recent North American Content Marketing Institute study of B2B companies has shown the effectiveness and ease of creating a planned and documented content strategy :

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