40 Original Resume Examples (and Tools) email database hong kong

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40 Original Resume Examples (and Tools) email database hong kong

Imagination, creativity, ingenuity … Today everything is done to attract attention with a good resume. Don’t miss these 50 examples of original resumes! email database hong kong , How many seconds do we have to capture the attention of a company with our resume? 10, 15,… 30 at the most? After having eaten the coconut for hours writing and designing; Those in charge of selecting us do not take more than 30 seconds to decide whether to discard us or not.

Faced with the challenge of having to stand out from the mountain of job demands that companies receive every day, we have to give a twist to how we want a company to see us, what face we want to show, and above all, what we want them to feel when they have our curriculum in their hands.

More and more people are making their resume something special , leaving behind that boring Word sheet with Times New Roman 12 text where they can tell the same thing that anyone can see through Linkedin.

If you really want your resume not to go unnoticed, take note of these examples, which are sure not to leave the coldest of bosses indifferent. Inspiration to power! Why then do I feel that I am not capable of having good ideas? Why is it that when I see the ideas of others it makes me angry that I didn’t think about it first? you ask yourself, nonconformist reader. Simply because you do not work on your creativity, you do not take yourself seriously or make an effort to be creative . Believe me, if you did, the ideas would flow at full speed. If you want to try it and want to be more creative, take a look at the decalogue that we have prepared for you with some tips.

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1- Copy, copy, copy
Don’t be fooled, pure originality doesn’t exist; everything, absolutely everything comes from something else. So don’t be afraid to copy what you like, especially at the beginning, since all the great artists have started emulating their idols . USA Business , Nor am I encouraging you to plagiarize, but to re-configure, to take various references and merge them into something else. It’s all a remix, and if you don’t believe me check out this video about Tarantino’s “influences” on Kill Bill.

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