16 quotes about the status of the Community Manager Iceland Email Address

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16 quotes about the status of the Community Manager Iceland Email Address

Just a week ago we launched the whitepaper ‘Does the Community Manager (as we know it) have the days numbered?’ Iceland Email Address , with the great collaboration of 8 professionals from the sector who came to bring a little more light to a panorama in which it is sometimes difficult to see better due to the large amount of information, often contradictory, that we have: that of the CM’s trajectory in Spain .

From these interviews you can get several readings and also quotes for reflection, we are going with 16 quotes about the CM that we have selected from among everything they have told us:

The CM has become a battle post. The hope may be the specialization @fanego Tweet this

The future of the CM is in the real management of communities. Back to the origin, let’s go @fanego Tweet this

It is not that the CM has changed in 10 years, it is that every year it changes radically @ mitus82 Tweet this

The CM will be the best thermometer on the market @ mitus82 Tweet this

A CM must be aware of everything that happens. There is no medium that changes and evolves faster than digital @smartinezbcn Tweet this

A CM has to have business vision, strategic vision and know how to see the opportunities in everything he does @smartinezbcn Tweet this

What is clear is that a CM is not a tweets @tam_tami Tweet this

The good CM is the one who has the touch of the community @tam_tami Tweet this

The powerful pro fi le of the CM is very transversal @zoespinosa Tweet this

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A good CM contributes not only through offers and CSR, but also has a huge opportunity to dialogue and get to know @zoespinosa Tweet this

Today the CM does not give advice, it raises how to manage changes to give the community what it needs, asks or wants @ramosdenaranjo Tweet this

People are looking for fun on the web, let’s never forget it: it will bring us closer to people as a brand, without bombastic phrases @ramosdenaranjo Tweet this

A CM is not the boy from Faceboook, nor my nephew who knows how to use those pots. Must have specific training and experience @StaPoulain Tweet this

The CM has gone from a totally expendable figure to a fundamental one in the Marketing industry @StaPoulain Tweet this

Channels or tools may change but a CM is above all a brand communicator and must speak on their behalf @Crisgarun Tweet this, USA Business , A CM is like a chef in the kitchen, he has to use the best ingredients @Crisgarun Tweet this

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